WTB: Dreamcast VGA

I’m looking for the official dreamcast vga box. If you have one and are willing to sell let me know.


theres no difference between official and 3rd party except for price as its a collectors piece…

The HKT-8100 is overpriced, overhyped bullshit. Don’t waste your time or money on it.

Get a either BBS Hanzo or Toro VGA box. They’re better regarded in the community as far as quality and value for your $$ is concerned. If you just want a VGA to HDMI box, they make one called the Akura.

I agree. Unless you need the scanline generators some of the premium boxes do (like the Hanzo) a $20 VGA DC cable off ebay will do the trick nicely.

No. Please don’t influence peeps to buy Retrobit or Tomee (or worse) shite cables.
BBS boxes are [A LOT] more than just a scanline generator…

i dont think he is saying that, the guys just letting people know that if you just want a straight forward no frills cable to display your on a monitor, a cheap 3rd party will do

i bought one about 7 years ago for £20 GBP / $30 US, and it does the job, nothing special but thats all i need

yes your right those turkish ones are VERY good, ive been watching adam koralik videos for years…

Could you fill me in on what else it does besides scanlines? My Tomee cable has never failed me and looks quite good on every VGA (CRT and LCD) I’ve plugged it into.

I’d like to know as well,

Here’s a list of the major points of differentiation between vga boxes like those from BBS and cheaper cable-only alternatives:
[] they ensure proper output of the Dreamcast’s wonky/non-standard VGA scaled output signal (640x480 window within a 720x480 image for many VGA based games). Some cable-only solutions output a signal that is improperly interpreted by some VGA-compatible displays, resulting in a horizontally “squished” image.
] (some) properly route VGA AND RGB video without changing cables (via 15/31kHz switch). Makes games like Last Blade 2, pre-2000 KoF games (et al) actually playable.
[] they have better shielding than simple cables to prevent noise/interference that can degrade signal output.
] (Some) contain a sync combiner–to convert RGBHV output to RGBS output (480p via SCART/RCA)

When I mention “some,” I mean some of the boxes that BeharBros offers. For more info, check the links below: