WTB: Dreamcast Fightstick

Hey guys, I just got a Dreamcast and now I’m looking for a fightstick. Do the usual comment or message if you or just anyone you know interested in selling their Dreamcast Fightstick, and it would be nice if it’s a Agetec or an ASCII. Thanks!

I really wish you would have posted this on Monday…
I have an agetec, but unforunately it’s not for sale. I just sold 4 of them…

I have a blue ASCII stick, but I’m not sure if i want to get rid of it lol

Hey thanks guys! Well if anyone has an Agetec PCB that works too!

You can go buy a Mad Catz Dreamcast Controller. Some of those controllers are REALLY easy to hack, they come with holes!

Agreed. The MadCatz took me 5 minutes to solder up. Just put the wires in the holes and drop a bit of solder on, done.

Actually that’s what I’m doing except its a regular Dreamcast controller. Lol.

regular dreamcast controller PCB lags when it comes to the trigger buttons.

Well damn that’s disappointing. I guess might as well put the pcb back and get a Madcatz like what HadoScrub and Riderkicker said. Is there a diagram for the Madcatz?

I still got a couple of Agetecs if you’re still looking for some. I’m actually looking to unload a bunch of joysticks from my collection soon. pm me