WTB: Diablo 2 LOD Discs

I broke my cd so looking to get some for cheap, not going to the store and buying the Battlechest for $40 :]

Don’t you just need the CD key?

If you still have that, you could just download the iso or borrow it from a friend and burn it or something.

Unless you want this for collection purposes.

I have alot of cdkeys, I need the game to actually install it. And i dont trust the ISOs cuz they might have keyloggers.

How much are you paying. I could sell you my disc.

Uh im trying to look for something cheaper than buyin the actual game itself

Check ur pms

i’ll make you an iso if u want.

got aim/msn?

and what realm u play? i play west atm

edit: got the expansion iso made, do you need classic as well or what?

Nah i just need the LOD, and how can i use that ISO to use install d2?

pm’d my aim

didnt get a pm

you happen to live anywhere near Riverside or Hacienda Heights, California?

EDIT: actually, fuck it, I’ll give/ mail you my copy of LOD for free. PM your mailing address.