WTB: custom xbox 360 stick and/or IIDX controller

okay, so i’m checking out my options

looking for a custom stick maker, who has a good reputation on these boards (ya, i’ll be checking… if i have trouble finding info on you, you probably aren’t gonna work in my book, sorry :smiley: i’ll let anyone interested know either way what’s going on though) for 2 projects

1: xbox 360 stick

requesting a small-ish (think hori fighting stick series size, maybe a little bigger… size isn’t a deal breaker but will hafta be discussed; keepin it small is more important then keeping it thin though) custom stick for a 6-button arcade stick for the xbox 360

button layout: slightly curved (right 6 buttons on a HFS2 is just about perfect)
buttons to be used: ** i will supply all buttons to you, via fedex or something **
stick to be used: ** i will supply the stick to you, via fedex or something **
paint job expected: 1 flat color with a decent finish
custom artwork expected: i’ll supply via email (giving me a top plate size would be a huge help in that)
headphone jack: yes if you can, not a dealbreaker if you cant
wired or wireless: whatever you can do, not a dealbreaker either way
price range: since im supplying most the parts,
the cost is for labor, shipping, box, pcb, and wiring it all together
(hopefully around 100-120 range for the whole sha-bang, but we can discuss that)

if your interested in taking this job, post a reply with

-a link to some of your work, pictures and customer response would be perfect
-estimate timeframe of how long it would take you to complete and ship back to me from when you recieve my parts via fedex or whatever
-price your interested in
-and just note somewhere your interested in doing the 360 stick
2: a different side project, that while i dont expect you guys to have experience with, is a custom usb or ps2 Beatmania IIDX controller

i ask here, because you all make good sticks… slapping together something like this, wiring wise isnt much different

http://www.ncsxshop.com/images/products/large/0704/bmdxshop.jpg this is a picture of the real deal

but i want something smaller and easier to play with, since i dont play this via arcade anymore… i dont care about being arcade official

“whats wrong with your current home pad for this?”

what i got right now is rubber contact (HFS2 style) and thats a no-fly-zone for where i am at in the game (if you think needing perfect response in fighting games is serious… go youtube a video of IIDX and youll see why i need the same quality for IIDX lol)

“why not go to an arcade style IIDX controller maker?”

they price WAY outta hand for arcade perfect shit, including LED light ups and metal framing and all sorts of shit i dont need or care about

some things about this project to note

-7 play buttons (probably seimitsu 30mm)+ 2 utility buttons (seimitsu 30mm for convience as well) and something to count as the turntable (that is something im not sure EXACTLY what i want at this point, but ill let you know… either ill research the insides of my current controller and get back to you)

the pcb needed would be either a USB controller (preferred) or a ps2 controller (if usb controllers dont have good pcb’s for mod jobs)

said usb controller would need 11 buttons to register

7 for play buttons, 2 for utility, and probably left and right POV switches would work for the turntable (turntable goes back and forth, so opposite direction pov switches or axis-controls would be perfect id imagine)

ill supply buttons and what i can for this (might be able to jack the turntable setup entirely from my current controller since that works fine)

so kinda like my 360 stick, this would be all the normal stuff but i supply parts

*** obviously this isnt a normal request, so frequent communication to ensure its all gettin done perfect would be good… so english speaking, and being able to get in contacty via aim or whatever somewhat frequently would be awesome ***

price wise i have NO idea, but if you think you are up to this one, let me know and we can start discussing

just note in a reply or a pm your interested in tackling the IIDX project

thank you all very much for any replies and attention, and hope to here responses soon

(edit! : sent a link to this post to all the builders mentioned in the sticky, sorry i missed that… please dont close/remove this though, as sending a few links is a LOT easier then sending descriptions x amount of times; keeping all the responses in 1 post would be helpful to me as well… makes it easy to keep track of :smiley: thanks SRK staff)