WTB: Custom Viewlix art for my SFA Sticks


I really love the viewlix art like the one above and would like it made for my SFA sticks. I need one in black/silver/white instead of the red/black/white above and another another in Blue/Black/white like this one. (minus the dude and words in the background of course)

Also, instead of the word Viewlix I’d like ASESINO in the top right corner since the Start/Select are on the top left on the SFA stick. Here is the link for the SFA Stick template.Template for SF Anniversary stick

I don’t know what the going rate for work like this is so post a reasonable price for your work and we’ll go from there.

If you get a response for this please post it. I took a stab at this before but I wasn’t happy with the result. Random question, but Asesino like the metal band?

E-mail me, I drew the vewlix design up by hand a few months back for the simplestick line. I could provide you with some prints, I just don’t want the digital format floating around.

Oooh, great thread! I’m with Kyle on this one; I want to see what kind of rate buying art from here goes for and if people even offer to do it. Good luck Behemoth88!

Sort of. My PSN ID is Asesino88.

I would do it if it I had a day to blow. I have my own SFAC template that is accurately tweaked, but I’d probably have to do a few test prints to be happy with it. I don’t want to come out and tell you I’ll do it though. I’ll see if I can find a couple of hours tomorrow to kill.

Here’s a work in progress. Let me know what you think:


It’s based off makstaks’s PSD. I redrew all of the shapes because I had to scale his up. I’m still tweaking it and will do a test print once I’m happy with it.

That looks awesome. Time for a white happ comp…

First test print came out sexy. I’ve got a few minor adjustments to make and then I’ll do another and put up a picture.

Looks great, would you be able to do these in the colors I wanted Kyle?

Color change should be no big deal. Once I get a printout I’m happy with I’ll let you see how it looks on the stick.

Go pick out a font you want for the text and link me to it. I’m not creative enough to freehand something like that:


Pm sent…I think. Let me know if you got it I may have closed out the window.

Yeah, I got it. Once my second attempt is printed I’ll have a go at the color changes.

ive been trying to decide what i want on my SFAC stick… still hasnt come in, but it should be here this week or early next.

still have to order parts for it too… i do like how that viewlex layout looks though.

Second print came out much better:


The red looks better in person. I tried taking it with the flash off and the picture was murky. I’ve got one more OCD thing to fix and then I’ll work on yours.

Looking great so far. :tup: Can’t wait to see my color versions. Btw, I gutted my first Anniversary stick and decided to wait on my art to actually put it together and wire it up. I should have my second stick here with parts and pcb in about a week and a half.

Third print came out damned near perfect. Enough so that I’ll quit messing with it. Let me know if this is what you had in mind with the font:


Yeah thats what I had in mind. Looking sweet so far.

K, here’s the pair:



What size should I get these printed out at? Going to kinko’s soon.:woot: