WTB Custom PS3 stick ( looking for an artist)

Hey guys. I’ve looked around at the different guys on here selling custom sticks. I’ve yet to find anyone willing to take on this job.

I’m looking for someone to make me a custom Futurama themed stick. With Zoidberg using his ink defense. With ink sort of splattered on the stick. I would like it to include a few other characters, either on the bottom of the stick or on the front getting inked by the king of everything lobster.

Please reply if you are interested in taking on such a job. I’m very serious about making this happen. The price is not an issue, if the price is not above 500 USD. I would rather spend a little less, but 500 is as high as I can go.



Custom stick builders typically do not come to the Trading Outlet looking for work. Here is the thread you should check out:

I hope your custom turns out exactly like you envisioned it, as did mine! :smiley:

Through searching that page, before i made this post I’ve found that most people use images off the net. They don’t draw up ther own designs. Hence why I started my own thread “looking for an artist”.

I won’t mind helping you there for a couple buttons or something :wink: PM me

giantsword customs?

with that kind of budget why not try a b15 stick?

yeah the two guys above are right.

I would say B15 is the right guy,not trying to offend anyone but Giant’s sticks are all the same with a different color, B15’s are just out of this world I mean I don’t think anyone comes even close to his stick-building-skills, so if I was you and had that kind of money to spend on a custom I’d go for B15.

Agree with Magocyber. :tup: B15 it’s just Amazing. I sill didn’t find nobody here on The US with his Potential. I might be wrong though. Just
saving some money because the Shipping will kill me for those B15 VLX style.

B15 is where its at with custom sticks

Contacted him and was quoted quite a bit more than 500 USD. I am very familiar with his work, but that 135 extra is too much for me to spend. Thanks for all the replies though!!

I sent you a PM, don’t know if you got it :slight_smile: