Wtb custom piece

Hey guys. I’m a Sony/hitbox player looking for a custom maker that can show references to skill/reliability. I’m looking to work with someone to make a custom piece. Looking to be ps3 and 4 compatible. Money is not an object if you’re skill set/rep match the fee. Basically looking for a ps3/4 stick with the generic hitbox™ layout. Possibly a unique box design, possibly a basic one, with nice materials. If you fit the bill please contact me at mattdefrancis@gmail.com
I can do cc or PayPal, makers choice. I’m just looking to get something that’s legitimately one off and fully functional cross generation.
I would like to start this project asap and can put a down payment into the fray if necessary.
Talk to you soon.

If you’ve got the dough and the idea, this guy will make it work better than you could imagine: http://www.b15sdmdesigns.com/

Believe me, he was my first choice, but he is no longer taking orders according to his Facebook page.

Check with @agei or @bazdc2 and see if they might be interested. Take a look through their post histories and you’ll see some samples of their work.