WTB: Cubivore

I highly doubt anyone has this game. But incase someone does and wants to part with it, I would be looking to buy it. I would prefer a complete version of the game, like box and instructions included.

Feeling like some good old evolution huh :lovin:. You should pick up Chibi Robo as well to offset the carnage :wink:


I know there are a few on ebay but I would prefer to buy it off of ebay if I could.

holy shit thats expensive. what is the game like anyway

It the strangest game you have ever heard of but its quite fun.

Basically you are a cube and you go around eating other cubes. Then depending on the color of the cube animals you eat, you will evolve in different ways. And through out the levels you will grow more “limbs”, which are just just flat rectangular prisms. And then there are boos fights and stuff too at the end of the levels.

The reason it still goes for almost its full price is that its a rare game. It was published by Atlus, and for those of you who dont know, Atlus tends to produce only a small quantity of their games. Another example of one of their games is Ogre Battle 64, which is the best N64 game in my opinion, but its not easy to find now.

But anyway, a friend of mine has this game but he’s never going to part with it, so I am looking for someone who will. And as for ebay, I am not good at those things. I always forget when the acution ends and thats when the most bidding takes place, and also I dont trust a lot of things on there.

And also that ebay auction above is pretty expensive. From what I have seen they dont normally go that high.

Atlus always makes the most twisted and fun games ever. They are by far one of the best dev companies out there. Most of their older games have really gone up in price since release.

They are publisher bro, they dont make games :sweat:, I am sure they have investors, and a few games they develop, but mostly they publish :wink: