WTB: Clear dust washer, Clear arrow dust washer, or black arrow dust washer

If anyone has any of these that they could sell to me it’d be great.
I won’t be ordering from arthung because I don’t want to pay 20 dollar shipping just for a dust washer. Same goes for any of the part sellers.

lol so dastardly true. I feel the same way, how do you expect me to pay eight bucks for shipping something that weighs a whooping .2 ounces??

Ah well, good luck to me finding one. >_<

I think I have a clear dust washer. I may not have it anymore but I’ll check when I get home. If I have one I’ll let you know.

Have you tried Arcade forge? Jochen sells them for 5 euros (arrowed ones) not sure on shipping to the US though.

Damn, I should have seen this earlier, last week I just ordered an etched washer from Art’s, I’m having my Aunt ship it to me.

Ah shucks. :frowning: Thanks for being considerate though. =]

Yeah no worries, I’ll let you know next time I’m ordering something from Art’s.

do you want one that’s a shaft cover or non-shaft cover?