WTB: Cheap Starter Stick for my Niece

My niece fell in love with Street Fighter over Christmas. I was wanting to find her a cheap, yet good, started stick. She has a PS2, so I would prefer a stick that works with PS1/PS2. Don’t care if they are in need of repair as long as PCB is good and parts are compatible with Sanwa/Seimitsu. 6 and 8 button are both fine.

Let me know what you got.

and thanks for the help!

that’s cool that your niece is into Street Fighter! gl with finding a stick for her. XD

What is your budget?

Well I have been looking at the Mayflash stick


and doing the Sanwa mod. That way its PS2 and then PS3 when she comes over to my place.

Figured $35 for the Mayflash, $30 for buttons & balltop, and guessing like $20 on art. so like $85 or so total.

I’m wanting to do the custom art for her so no matter what I’m going to have to spend that. So would like to stay in the $35 to $45 range for the stick itself.

So if someone has something better let me know.

Oh and she is like 13 and small so I don’t want to get a really big stick like a TE or HRAP. She liked my Namco, and DC Agetec, but like the stick and buttons on my TE the best. So I figured modding a Mayflash or something would be best.

^Don’t forget to factor in the actual modding to get japanese buttons in there. I believe sanding and what not is needed for that stick to get it up to par. Would suggest going with an ready to go stick…

get a madcatz se and dual mod it yourself! should be a fun peoject!

But modding is over half the fun :slight_smile:

Trust me is one of the options I have been considering.

Decided to go this route. Got one for cheap so will work out great!

And yes will be a Fun Project!

Going to just put the Toodles MC Cthulhu in it so she is good for all her systems. (PS1/PS2/Wii and my PS3)

I’ll post up pics when its is done.

Thanks for the help guys!!!