WTB: Capcom Controllers/Sticks/Accessories for SNES, Genesis, 3DO

Hi all,

I’m working towards collecting the full run of official Capcom accessories for 16-bit generation, though I’d certainly consider any other unique Capcom things.

Stuff I need:

Capcom Power Stick Fighter (SNES):

Ideally, I’d like to find one of the Japanese models (these have an additional slot next to the controller cable port, which was used for a Japan only wireless adapter. The US version has this slot as well, but it is plugged with a plastic insert and is missing the necessaries guts inside to go wireless). The US versions are called “Fighter Power Stick”-- I’d consider these as well. Boxed or unboxed, doesn’t matter.

Capcom Power Stick Fighter (Genesis):

US or Japanese version, doesn’t matter to me since there never was any wireless support. Again box or no box is fine.

NES Cord for Capcom Power Stick Fighter:

This is an adapter for the Power Stick. H-shape plug on one end (with Capcom logo) opposite a traditional NES plug. Pretty rare, but I’ll make a solid offer. This would be found with the US version of the stick, the JP one would have a Famicom plug of course.

Capcom Pad Soldier (Genesis/3DO):

These are the 6 button fight pads, with the grip handle. Looking for a pair for each console.

I’m also collecting Controller Converters/Adapters, the more obscure the better, especially…

**Innovation PS/PS2 to Dreamcast **adapters

anything to N64

SNES to 3DO (or anything to 3DO really)

Some long shots here, thanks.


I have a Capcom Pad Soldier for Genesis.

I’d be willing to let it go for $18, shipping included… (Assuming you live in the US, otherwise I gotta charge more for international/Canada shipping.)

Good luck with finding the 3DO pad! It’s basically identical to the Genesis version.

At different points in time, I’ve had all three pads but my SNES and 3DO versions were traded long ago to help pay for the PS1 when it was originally released in the US!

IMHO, the SNES version of this pad was better than the other two. Much more comfortable D-pad on that model. It was basically like the D-pad “cross” on the regular SNES digital pad; the difference was that the Capcom’s D-pad was elevated a millimeter or two higher. Made all the difference in the world for playing SFII on the SNES! I learned how to do all the Ken, Ryu, and Chun Li moves with that pad. Very hard to use the SNES pad with those games; horrible D-pad and the button set-up did not lend itself well to Capcom’s fighters.