WTB: Candy cab(s) in Nor Cal

Looking for candy cabs in Nor Cal:

  • Taito Egret II or III
  • Sega cabs (AC, NAC, Blast, etc)

Let me know what you have any how much you want in PM.


Maybe my account is too new to send PMs – I have a Sega Megalo 410 for sale, $1,200.

It’s literally this one on here. https://wiki.arcadeotaku.com/w/Sega_Megalo_410

That’s a picture of my parent’s garage and somehow it ended up on that wiki. I’ll throw in a new Apple Snapple too. It’s sat there for a number of years untouched, and I will have to drive over to do this.

If there is interest I can go take some up to date photos and shoot some video of it up and running. I’ll throw in SFII and Final Fight as well.

It’s located in San Francisco.

I’m still looking. Particularly interested in NACs and Egrets.

@neofreak: Sorry, but that’s a lot more of a handful than I’m looking for. The Megalo is a beast of a candy! >:D