WTB: Brawl Stick/SE stick/Empty

I’m interested in buying a brawl stick or SE stick, or an empty shell of anything if anyone has laying around. Let me know what you guys have and an offer, then we’ll see what we can work outs. Thanks guys!<br>

Also I’m interested in working with a US seller since we can just use the USPS priority flat rate boxes if the stick will fit in there. My zip code is 78253 <-San Antonio, TX. <br>

I believe I have a Extra modded SE stick laying around at my buddies house. how much you looking to spend on one?<br><br>and i have a couple DIY cases too. <br>

What cases do you have? I’m thinking anywhere from 50-100 on the modded one and I’m thinking around the same on the DIY cases. Got any pics?

yeah Ill pm pics to you later on today <br>

I have around 6 brand new ones that I can part. All i need from them are the pcbs. Send me an offer via pm

Brawl sticks btw. I also have sanwa parts if you want a complete sanwa brawl in either ps3 or xbox or both dual modded I can make that happen

Lol no wonder I can’t find any brawl sticks online for cheap you bought them all! Pm incoming.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I messaged you back. <br>

payment received. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Please close this thread. I’ve got everything settled in PMs thanks everyone!<br>

you’re welcome.

tracking# 2305 0270 0000 0451 4902