WTB : Black 24mm Seimitsu Buttons

Clear plunger or solid black, doesn’t matter. Hit me up if you got. Thanks!

hope you make good use of it~

Thanks to xen0dude for the buttons. I’ve already left feedback for someone else today. As soon as I can do it again, I will leave feedback for you too. Anyone else has these? Well then what are you waiting for? Hit that PM buttons and holla at me!

gathering stuff up for another mod or what? Hows the ls32 t5 handling?
I dont know if this would interest you, but i fit an LS56 into a t5 case. Heres my post, happens to be post#666 :badboy:

AJ! How does it go? I am working on another T5 mod for a friend that is paying me to do it. These 24mm black buttons are hard to find. The only website that has them Lizard Lick and they take like 6 weeks to get things from them. I already have enough black 24mm for this mod, but I figure I would gather as many as I can because it’s such a pain in the ass to get them. The LS-32-01 is working out well for me. I want to try other sticks but I’d want to buy them just to try them and I’d want to sell them if I don’t like them. We can continue this convo in the T5 thread.

Everyone else. Hit me up if you has those buttons!

how much u need, ill shipped 3 to you for $13