WTB: atx micro mobo/cpu combo

Looking for a small form factor (like micro) motherboard and cpu combo for an arcade PC going inside of a blast city (original wiring intact- i’m not mangling it, dont’ worry :razzy: )

CPU should be fast enough to handle sf4 at max settings when paired with an arcadeVGA card with power to spare, so something like a core 2 duo in the high 2s low 3 GHz.

I’m thining this is probably not the best place to look for this- but I don’t hang out on a lot of PC building forums or anything, so I’m also wondering if anyone around here knows some of the better forums where I’d be quick to find something like this at a good price. Dropped some heavy cash on that blast city, so I’m hoping to save a little on used pc parts :slight_smile:


I don’t think your arcadeVGA is going to be able to handle sf4 at max settings.

Edit- I just rethought what resolution you’ll be playing at on a blast city cab, and it probably will be able to handle it, though it’s definitely not a very beefy card.

Some of the computer forums I frequent for B/S/T are hardforum.com and anandtech.com

you might have some info I don’t, but i’m referring to the arcade vga 3000 (pci-e one), and on the site at least it says it can handle sf4 at full settings (although- yeah it will be played @ 640x480 on the cab I believe). Thanks for the refs though, I’ll check those out.

Yeah, I’m sure the 60 fps benchmark he’s running is tested at 640x480, which is why it’s capable. The core in that card is the same as the one in a 2600 Pro, which I know will not run sf4 at LCD resolutions on max settings(I had one awhile ago), but I realized you’d be running it on a cab monitor hence my edit :slight_smile:

But yeah, good luck on the computer hardware forums.