WTB Asus VH236 monitor STAND

I need a monitor stand if someone has an extra they are willing to part with.

Just the bottom disk or something universal?

@AnhVuDo‌ i guess what would be the disk and neck. I bought a monitor but I have it leaning on a wall because the seller didnt include it.

Found this on ebay… http://www.ebay.com/itm/ASUS-VH236H-23-Widescreen-LCD-Base-/291234033008?pt=US_Monitor_Mounts_Stands&hash=item43cee6ad70

Seems like the only match for a stand for that monitor. You could potentially buy any VESA compliant mount and that should work; it’s probably why the original seller didn’t have the stand. The original base is probably your best bet, though, unless you want to strap it to your wall.

@Chikalin‌ yeah thats the exact base I am looking for just thought someone here would give me a better deal