WTB ASAP ASAP ASAP - Seimitsu LS-32-01

Need one or two ASAP.

I just need the stick + 5 pin harness asap… ASAP

Have paypal.

Let me know.

ls-32-01 didn’t come with a 5pin for me… it wired like a happ.

this is the 32-01…

I don’t mean to spam or anything, but in that very picture it says just to the right of the restrictor “LS-32-02”, not ls-32-01.
I’m guessing they’re the same though? Or maybe thats why Shodokan123 doesnt have a 5 pin on his ls-32-01.

Regular LS-32 wires up like a happ. -01/02 are the ones with the 5 pin wire harness.

no such thing as a ls-32-02 to my knowledge. and if there is one i would like to see it :wgrin:

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing LS-32-02 = PCB or maybe a new revision of the PCB.

Again, if anyone can help. Please hit me up asap. I’m in SOCAL. San Diego.

This is probably the only place you’ll find one if you can’t wait til the 1st for Seimitsu to open up shop again.


Hey Mark, I have a few new ones but I’m on the East Coast. If you get desperate let me know. I can ship them out today if need be. Hopefully, you can find someone local though.


I just ordered off Himura ( :x ) lol… Thanks for the link Roushiei!

Paik4Life thank you as well. If I need anything I’ll hit you up.

Sure, look at the picture you posted.

holy crap it actually says ls-32-02

It’s pretty common knowledge that LS-32-01 has a PCB that reads LS-32-02. As someone stated earlier in the thread, it’s most likely a slight PCB revision, but the part number for the joystick is still LS-32-01. You wouldn’t order this as LS-32-02. The catalogs still list it as LS-32-01. If you currently own an LS-32-01, I can almost guarantee you that yours also reads LS-32-02 on the PCB.


mine does and its about 5 months old >.<