WTB: Artwork from chun TE & empty TE box

I need the artwork from the Original Chun TE. Thought i wanted to customize this one i just bought but i rather like the original artwork.

and i have an extra stick now with nowhere to store it so id like a TE box, any TE/TE-S box will do.

Im located in Brooklyn


Are you specifically looking for the etched plexi? Another option could be getting a clear plexi for whatever box you find and just having the picture printed.

Etched plexi? Im talking about the original Chun TE with the holo image. But yea id prefer to have the original if possible. I know its a longshot unforunately. I have one, but the artwork was submerged in water somehow by the origianl owner so it looks a bit shabby.

Ahhh ok I misunderstood. Hope you can find someone.