WTB, Arcade stick

Alright here it goes, after searching this site for a while now, I still cant figure out who/what company can make the stick I need. Basically since I want to practice at home(PS2) so I can compete at my local arcade room,(CVS2) I want a stick is basically identical to the one that CVS2 uses. If anyone can just point me int he right direction, Ill be very grateful, thanks

You’re most likely looking for a Happs competition stick.

Thanks for the quick reply, Im not too familiar with the names of the sticks, cpuld anyone point out who is selling/making this at a reasonable price
The joystick does a smooth 360(it doesnt have the edgy feeling some joysticks have) and its a little stiff, I really am not use to the ones that feel loose, buttons, even though Ive heard slanted are better, I want them just like at the arcades

somethin like this maybe

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Just like this(buttons, and stick wise)

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Yeah, like he said, you’re probably looking at a Happ competition or a Happ Perfect 360 joystick with Happ competition buttons. You find info at www.happ.com or you’re best bet is look through the different stick builders’ threads (koi, outlaws custom, paintedpale, brydo, et al) found here. Just be prepared to spend a little money. If you play enough fighters it’s well worth the investment.

If it moves in a smooth circle and is a little stiff I think it might be a Happ Super. Competition sticks are relatively loose. If you’re not looking to spend much money I’d suggest getting a MAS stick from www.arcadeshock.com.

I dont think he want to wait long to get a stick to practice with. so a mas wouldnt be good. Check out ebay, they have good sticks like a mas if you willing to hit up a bid for one.


Would the SFAC stick this guy is selling be good enough, just want to get something already, anyone make custom ones with Happ Comp stick and concave buttons for under 150? Thanks

That is why I said to get it from ArcadeShock. I ordered from them during the Evo season and it took a week from ordering to actually getting the stick. MAS direct told me it would take a month and a half if I got it from them.

If the guy selling the SFAC stick still has it that would be fine. It already has all Happ parts.

When I get everything settled, I can get you the same stick, I work with Happ parts as well, and in 2 weeks you’ll get your order, granted I don’t have surgery lol… Anyhow check out my thread for details.

I also work with Happ parts. I have a sample stick posted in my thread and I can build you one in your price range.


sfac isn’t worth getting unless you mod it with real happ parts.

Edit: It has happ parts but I wouldn’t get it due to the broken cord.

Elitericerocket, do you build sticks. I noticed your in Houston, I live on 45 and Almeda, by any chance would you have one for sale? Thanks

lol I live in meyerland. I don’t make sticks but I can post a picture of my happ stick finkle made once I get back to my apartment.



if u look for something in texas, check painted pale(Outlaw Sticks)

PaintedPale & Outlaw
http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=131328 - New Braunfels, TX

They stopped making sticks look at the last page of their thread.:sad:

If you are really desperate I have a Happ stick that hasnt gotten any use since I made my sanwa one.

It has a Happ competition joystick, and happ competition pushbuttons. The only thing is that it doesnt have an american button configuration. If you notice in the pictures the first column is off set from the rest, so it wont give you quite the same feel as the one at your arcade.

The stick is large, 14" x 9" x 3" (it might be 15 instead of 14, I cant remember at the moment). So its not a good stick to carry around, but then you said you wanted just for home anyway.

Another thing is that two of the pushbuttons have been modified with wood tops. One of them is a little stiffer than the normal buttons while the other one feels like the normal plastic buttons. I have one extra black competition button that doesnt have a spring which I could switch out with the one that feels different if you want. Or I could switch out with the one that feels different and move the other one up to a start button or something like that.

The only thing is that I need the PS PCB out of it for a stick I am working on now. So the only thing I can replace it with right now is this, which I am currently trying to sell in the trading outlet. Its a PS PCB just like whats in there now the only thing is that its set up for 1 to 1 programming of the button configuration. Though the stick has 8 screws holding the bottom on so it wouldnt be easy changing it often.

If you would be interested I would let it go with the above PCB for $100 shipped. You could probably find something a little better than this, but the offer is out there if you want.

painted pale still makes sticks.