WTB: Arcade Joystick

Hey all, im looking to buy a used joystick under a $100, preferable ps2 . Thanks.

Check the sticky on custom arcade sticks.



since you edited, it would be possible for me to wire it with a ps2 pcb, but it would cost 15 dollars more. if youre interested let me know.


Check that out

you do realize that the seller got banned, right?

American or Japanese style?

I’m currently building a full happ stick if your interested in a custom.

It’s at the primer stage and should be complete in about a week. It’s going black with a yellow stick and yellow buttons (6 button american layout) the theme is Kenpachi Zaraki from bleach 13.375 X 9.5 x 2.5. I can give it to you for $85+ shipping. let me know if your intrested here are some pics



This is what the paint will look like when it’s painted