WTB - Any TE stick or Pre modded stick with quality parts - (Cheap Buyer)


I’m looking for any Sanwa, Seitmisoh…sisu.(:confused:), or Happ stick for the 360.

My price point is between $50 and $100.

If you feel that your stick is worth more than that, it probably is, but that’s the price I’m working with.


if you wait, you’ll probably see a TE go up for 100 bucks eventually, there are usually 2-3 a week. Then you might get the occasional modded SE stick once in a while for 60-80 bucks. SFAC sticks are usually 60-80 bucks…wait, you should state what system you want it for, that would help.

I have a barely used PS3 TE stick that I’d let go for $100. Here are some pics




Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it.

I forgot to mention that I’m on the 360. Also, the pictures are getting a hotlinking message lol

My inbox is empty, maybe it didn’t send?


Now I’ve received Avidist’s message, but not yours…

Thats kind of odd…