WTB: Any Hori post HRAP1 top panel

I’m looking to buy a top panel for a Hrap chassy, Hrap1 top panel, Hrap2, Hrap3, Any top panel that will fit on that case (I messed up a T5 mod, and I need a new top panel, and I don’t have the skills to make a whole new one). PM me with offers, but I’m not looking to spend more than 30$'s for it (not including shipping.)

That might be a tough find unless someone has a busted one that they’re parting out…unlikely.

What did you do to the panel of the t5…is it so bad that someone here couldn’t help you fix it instead? There are also plenty of people on the board that might be able to cut you out a new top made from aluminum or lexan.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


your area in location, find in Yellow Book for look a store “Custom Metal”.