WTB: 360 Mad Catz SE Cases and pcb

I’m looking to buy some SEs without buttons or sticks. If you have a custom SE you haven’t been able to sell, you stand to make more by separating the buttons stick and case and selling them separately. I’m just looking for the cases and PCBs. The cases don’t even have to be in tip top shape as long as the metal panel and PCBs are functional.

Edit: I have all the cases I need for now.

how much were you looking to buy them for?

To start off with I’ll say $30. I know that may seem low to some, but right now Sams Club has packs of SE sticks and vanilla SF:IV for $42.88, so much more than $30 and it ends up making more sense to get one of those, even though I don’t need the buttons, stick, and game in those packs. JLFs and sanwa buttons tend to sell pretty easily here. Whereas I don’t see SE sticks, even customized, flying out of threads.

I’ve got payment sent for one, I’d still like to shoot for at least another one.

PM sent

i have a te stick for sale