WTB 2x of any cable compatible with MC Cthulhu

I have recently built out a nice retro console collection and I plan on building 2 MC Cthulhu based sticks to use with them. However, I need the cables to hook up to all of my old consoles which aren’t too easy to come by pre-made. If anybody has them laying around already and no longer wants them I would gladly take them off your hands. If you have sticks already built, I might be interested in those too. The cables I would need are, PS2, Saturn, Gamecube, Original Xbox, PC Engine, Super Nes.

Also, if anybody knows of a good option to add in Genesis and Dreamcast support, I am all ears!

The MC Cthulhu RJ-45-to-USB (for PS3/PC) will work with an Xbox USB-to-Xbox adapter. If you’ve already got or will be making a RJ-45-to-USB cable, then you just need the adapter (inexpensive on ebay). No extra cable required.

Dreamcast support already exists on the MC Chthulhu.

As for the rest of the cables, you simply need to get an extension cable for that particular controller, and hack an RJ-45 onto it. If you’ve got a local retro video game store, sometimes it’s cheaper to buy controllers from them, cut the cable off the controller and use it. In the interest of preservation, I recommend and request not doing this with first-party controllers. See if they’ve got 3rd-party controllers to cut the cable off of. They may even have extension cables in stock also.

As for Genesis, it is not supported. If you want a custom Genny fight stick, you have to hack an original Genesis controller PCB. But beware, they don’t all work for unknown reasons but to the frustration of many that have tried. I have a custom genny stick for sale: FS - Sega Genesis Fight Sticks (Sanwa Parts, Official Sega PCB’s)

I can also make you whatever cables you need, as can others here on the forums. PM me if you want to discuss. Paradise and Focus Attack also have some pre-made cables for sale, although not the complete list you’re looking for.

For Genesis support, you’ll want to have a converter bought or made for you (bespoke work with FGwidget converter by Toodles, unfortunately a rare item to find !)

I’m in the works of making a 3 button stick. Not planning to play fighters on Genesis, just want ABC and Start, looking to follow the original Black Red Legends 1st party stick. I’m using a small desktop enclosure, cheap enough to make a prototype out of. I already made a NES stick out of one of them, looking to make the 3 button genesis and a 2 button PC Engine later on.