WTB 2 WWE Brawl Sticks or SEs

As title says, for 360 OR PS3. Either is fine. Need some good, cheap sticks for my little cousins. They seem to like fighting games (guess I’ve influenced them haha!). Preferably looking for Brawl Stick since I hear it’s better un-modded, but I may grab SEs if the price is right.

If your stick is modded, I’m still interested, but like I said, not looking for too high-end stuff here. The sticks should be in relatively good condition as well- just let me know the condition.

Forgot to mention, I’m in Toronto.
Send me any offers guys!

Does anyone have these? Or is the problem that I live in Canada?

Did you check Amazon for the brawl sticks? I have a brand new Brawl stick for Ps3. I’d sell it for 40 bucks plus whatever shipping might be to Canada.

[edit] This guy has a full Sanwa modded one for 60 bucks.