WTB : (2) Complete Sticks for PS3

Closed - Purchased sticks.

I have a custom and a HFS3 i will let both go for 160 shipped.


Thanks for interest so far. Still looking.

I have a custom dual mod if you’re interested. I’m looking for cash, paypal or trade for specific items that are listed on thread. Let me know.

I have an all sanwa (except last 2, black buttons) PS3 SE fightstick (painted black):


PM’s sent but still looking.

I can sell you a HRAP 2. You can just get a converter and voila a ps3 stick!

I would be willing to sell it for $90 shipping included. The only problem is the stick has no art on it because if I were to sell it I would keep the art/plexi on it.

I have perfect srk/ebay feedback (willing to show if interest is shown)

i sent you a pm, did u recieve it?

Got the sticks. Thanks for all the help!