WSU: Pullman/Moscow SSF4 fightclub

WSU/ UI Spring Semester 2011 - everything went great in the fall, and will continue to do so this spring! check out the scene if you are new to the area. Every saturday at 8, CCN apartments #H306 in Pullman!

my number is 509-230-7175
msg me for directions if you need em!

I’ll be there next week I promise!

Bump! We’ve got a session tomorrow, and if anyone else from the Eastern WA / Idaho scene wants to come out, you definitely should!

I’m going to be coming sometime next month. I’d like to hit up a session sometime in October. Keep me posted?

Awesome, one of my friends told me he saw a thread about this here, so I came to take a look. Hope to make it sometime, maybe tonight!

damn sorry I didn’t get this in time to get back to you, I should have been looking but I was busy playing in a starcraft tournament-- too much on my plate. lol

Anyway, we play every saturday at 8pm in my apartment at CCN #H306

last night we had 15 people, with some regulars not showing up.

Right now I’m running 3 set ups, we have all 3 setups working with tournament edition fight sticks, and 1 set up to record matches and post them on youtube.

my cell is 509-230-7175
hit me up asap so I can answer any questions you might have or just talk games. I plan on playing a little warm up this thursday as well, if also you wanna come over then.

my apologies for not getting back to you, I would have loved to have more people

I’m gonna be down at WSU next week, just for the weekend to hang out with friends and what not. I’ll see if i can find the time to come play.

bump- getting new members every single week since starting. Tryin to make sure everybody from the area sees this!

I’m planning on being in town this weekend. Trying to get some casual games in if there’s gonna be a gathering.

Yep- we’ll be here, organized fight night on saturday at 8pm as usual.

Also, we have a youtube channel now!

YouTube - EazGG’s Channel

some video uploads from matches played on the main set from this Saturday’s fight nights, with the rest being put up tomorrow. More uploads incoming every week!

Have to say it was great coming out and playing some sets you will definitely see me more often.

Though I have a feeling everyone will be coming with pages of Akuma match up material after this last week. :slight_smile:

Definitely fun having you! Always nice to have a new person come in and body everyone :P. Hopefully we’ll all level up a bit!

yeah. looking forward to trying to recruit new people the weekly regulars. hopefully we can get more exposure for the area and see new people :slight_smile:

Gonna be getting streams up soon too hopefully :woot:

New semester but everything else is still the same. Any new students should check out the scene down here,

Gonna be playing MvC3 when it comes out as well. Let’s get some new blood out there this weekend!

Oh BTW. I figured out how to get the stream working on Justin TV so I can show you how next time I come over.

Um yes! The world has to hear my commentary!

You guys aren’t going to believe this. Justin TV screwed up half of the recorded stream. So many of the epic comments were not recorded. I am pissed because there were so many good ones!

It’s all good! We’re going to need to get it sorted out before marvel comes out. GET HYPEEEEEEEE