Wrestling sprites

OK, since some people have asked me about the Orton sprite I’m rocking in my av, might as well post all of 'em. Some of them are kinda old. Again, I don’t know from which URL I got 'em from, so please don’t get mad if I don’t acknowledge someone! :sweat: Here goes!

Kurt Angle 1 and 2:

Stone Cold Steve Austin:

Dave Batista 1, 2, and 3:

Chris Benoit 1 and 2:

Big Show x 3:

The Boogeyman:


John Cena:

Christian Cage 1 and 2:

Eddie Guerrero:

Edge 1 and 2:

Ric Flair:

Bill Goldberg 1 and 2:

Matt Hardy:

John Bradshaw Layfield:



Bobby Lashley 1 and 2:

Chris Masters:

Shawn Michaels:

Rey Mysterio:

Randy Orton:


Triple H:

The Undertaker 1 and 2:

Aaaaand…ending with the FOUR FACES OF FOLEY!

Mick Foley:


Cactus Jack:

Dude Love:

wow those are badass :tup:

Good stuff! :tup:


nice job! did you base any of these on other sprites? dave 1 looks like urien before a fight.

There are some others that you forgot i think…nice job on posting them though

cool. I wish there were more.

glad 2 c supa nigga got a sprite but no booker t? no hogan? no jyd!?

sweet! thx for posting

These will feature in my next av. Thx for posting.

very nice! thanks a lot

very nice!