"wrestle" joystick xbox 360 pcb lol?

is this crap any good lol?

looks quite poopy but I only need the pcb for my cabinet. was hoping to spend $20 instead of $70 shipped for the ps360+. now is the pcb soldered to the buttons or quick disconnects, common ground, LAGGY?

halp srk :confused:


Just get a ZD Encoder instead, comes with all wires needed.

oh my god its only 20 dollars. i almost bought one for 35 the other day. i’m buying this one, i’ll post findings

Edit: nevermind

i needed the pcb for xbox 360. that zd stuff is mad random with xbox360 converter. I have the etokki converter and sometimes the ps2 zd dont work. I have to plug in the usb port to an external power source and even then sometimes it wont register on xbox 360.

Don’t get it, it is utter garbage.

Try to find the MK X pad Xbox version