Wow.. is it supposed to be this hard to buy an arcade stick?

hello all, i’m new here.
i’ve never imagined in my wildest dream that it would be this hard to buy an arcade stick.
i live in vancouver (canada) and i thought i could just walk into one of those big name stores like futureshop and bestbuy to buy an arcade stick.
apparently not.
today, i’ve been to all over the place, including zellers, wallmart, futureshop, bestbuy, gamestop etc. and none of them carry what i’m looking for.
i was looking to buy any madcatz tournament edition arcade stick.
it looks like even ebay has only few (overpriced i think) madcatz te stick.
so i’m looking at hori sticks now on ebay but have no idea which ones are good.
can someone please tell me which one i should buy from these:

1.Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA
2.Hori Fight Stick EX2
4.Hori Real Arcade Pro VX
5.Xbox360 Real Arcade PRO.EX Premium (this one seems too expensive… my budget is under $200)

this will be my first arcade stick ever and i know absolutely nothing about arcade sticks, so please help me out! thanks.

Any of those 4 below are good picks. Try checking out the trading outlet here as well.

1.Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA (PS3 version)

4.Hori Real Arcade Pro VX (Xbox 360 version)
5.Xbox360 Real Arcade PRO.EX Premium (this one seems too expensive… my budget is under $200)

Yeah, its a giant pain in the ass to get a stick in canada.

The best ones for you would be everything in that list besides #2. That stuff uses parts that hori uses instead of official arcade parts. The V3 SA and VX are for ps3 and xbox respectively. Just stay away form #2

what’s a trading outlet? i have xbox 360 by the way…
which one of those 4 should i get?
and is there no way to find madcatz te sticks here? this seems kinda unbelievable.

There is a trading outlet forum here on SRK. On the upper left where it says “forums” you can go check out what people are selling. Lots of people tend to get rid of arcade sticks now and then.

Trust me, a v3 or a vx is better than a TE in my opinion. Even though not many people make things like plexi for the v3/vx, i like the beveled spacing for the palms much better than the mediocre palm room on the TE

god… if i buy from ebay, looks like i will have to pay close to $40 for shipping alone… unbelievable.

Buy a HRAP VX SA from
$142 x applicable taxes(12%?) = $160

Shipping is free for anything over $39 and shipping should be quick. I know has a warehouse within Ontario, maybe there’s one over there in BC or around there. I also prefer the the HRAP V series over TE sticks as well.

There needs to be a Canadian thread thats stickied… Feel sorry for everyone trying to find a stick with this hype…

what’s hrap?
and can you please give me a link? says out of stock?

Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA(Sanwa Addition)

In a nutshell, Hori was one of the first companies to make high quality arcade sticks waaay before Madcatz jumped in with their TE line-up. Hori Real Arcade Pro FAQS.

I agree that we need a sticky thread for Canadians trying to TE or equivalent sticks, this is the third thread I’ve seen within a couple of days(one inquiry in Toronto, one in BC and the other is unknown).

HRAP is Hori Real Arcade Pro… Outside of amazon, your next best bet is to look around your local gaming shops and comic book stores that have gaming related products… or look up your local thread in the Canadian Discussion forums and make new friends… Vancouver has a decent scene and they’ll be able to help you out! Canada: Discussion & Matchmaking

Its a shame customs dont come cheap, cuz that would be the best alternative to the lack of retail sticks in Canada.

Main reason I build customs nowadays is the lack of good sticks being sold in Canada. Not that I find anyone to sell to or anything…

i’m on the last step of ordering hori real arcade pro vx from amazon but it says ‘usually ships within 1 to 2 months’.
so if i order now, i have to wait for 1~2 months?

When I ordered my VX SA, amazon said 2-4 weeks. It was more like 5 days. Order it and keep looking. Amazon won’t charge until it ships. Just cancel the order if you find it sooner.
Amazing stick by the way. Got mine yesterday. Sanwa buttons are fantastically sensitive. Having that learning curve sucks, but what a great purchase.

vx is vx sa?
or vx and vx sa are two different editions?

There is no HRAP VX without an SA or SE at the end, there is a Fighting Stick VX but that is probably not what you want.



V (their new series)
X = Xbox 360

SA = Sanwa

SE = Seimitsu

Also, if you guys are looking for sticks in Canada…

Canada Cup Gaming - Arcade Sticks

Just to clear it up. Steer clear of the
Hori VX

and avoid the Hori V3

Those above are just the shitty replacements of the EX2 but in a vewlix layout. Those two are Japan only. Neither uses Sanwa Parts.

Make sure you get one that is labled HRAP. These have Sanwa Parts. Get this one for xbox 360

Or for PS3

Have you tried looking on Craigslist? I had a hell of a hard time finding a stick too (I’m in Vancouver).