Would you want a Women's Invitational in a future Evolution Championship Series?

I recently talked about what my favourite moment at any Evolution Championship Series was and it was the Women’s Invitational last year. Yes, it may never happen again. But then someone had this to say about it:

Do you think the Women’s Invitational was a mistake that the Evo staff wishes they had never made?

On one hand, it seems kind of sexist. Even though female competitors had to join the main tournament, it still felt like they were being pushed off to the side, away from the men, as if they weren’t good enough for the men’s tournament. As if they were just a gimmick, and not really respected. In this sense, it may make girls feel like they don’t “belong” here.

On the other hand, it gains exposure for female players, and can encourage more women to want to compete. It shows them that, not only are there women who play this game, but there’s a whole tournament full of them. In this sense, it may make them feel like they *do *belong here. That they don’t have to just watch their boyfriends or whatever, that they can play too, and that they can be a competitor.

Overall, I feel like even though it may have unfortunate implications, that it’s still a good idea to have a Women’s tournament for the sake of exposure. Or if not at EVO, at least have another “Ladies of Street Fighter” tournament, or even a few of them a year to show that female players are out there.

I will have to say no to that. We might as well have an old people invitational, or a children’s invitational, if we’re going to to be segregating groups like that.

The best players come to EVO regardless of what they are.

DOA had a woman’s championship thing going for it when it was on tv and it sucked. It just felt like, “why are they making women fight in they’re own bracket, they should be fighting equally among men”.

Don’t we already have a 40 page thread on why or why not it’s sexist?

Saw some good female players playing viper/chunli/ibuki this year with quality execution and zoning, where are the female ryu/sagat players?

But women’s invitational, no.

Ibuki? I never saw a female Ibuki player, who was that?

Also, I don’t know any female Ryu/Sagats, but there’s burnyourbra who plays Ken.

totally forgot.

I did a search using the terms “women’s invitational” and it came back with 10 pages of results. I would appreciate some tips (or maybe even the direct link to the topic) on how to narrow down such a search.

There’s no need for it, it’s a video game everyone is on equal footing.

Can people like Kayo Police enter?
What about Ricky?
Or this girl/Guy?


I really think that what is considered a woman should be more specifically defined with the increasing trans community coming into street fighter. For all I know that person could be putting on an act just like Bruno.

Can I currently a male, join if I dress all 260 lbs of my body like poison? Imagine the pwnage if ricky decided to want to be considered a woman. What if the one of the top japanese players starts to “KOF Ash” it up, since some are androgynous enough already? If you add prizes, you open up the door to a lot of shady things happening.

Any time it will happen, it will be seen as a farce.
A womans invitational sounds about a good idea as:
a black person’s invitational
an invitational for disabled gamers
an invitational for low income people

Just treat everyone equally.

Why does the subject of transgender issues always seem to come up wherever I post…

I really don’t want to get into another transgender debate here. But, a transwoman and a crossdressing man are two completely different things. Transwomen are people who are born in male bodies but are female in mind, crossdressers are just men who like to wear dresses. And no, a male gamer isn’t going to pretend to be a transsexual to enter a Women’s tournament. That would be an unbelievably stupid idea.

It isn’t everywhere that ‘you’ post, believe me. It comes up wherever the womens tournament is brought up.

I had a short chat with Kayane about this at the airport and as we said, we’re on equal footing with men, if anything, doing the women’s invitational last year seemed to ENCOURAGE more girls to enter because before they might have felt shy, uncomfortable or just had the "Well…I’m a girl, I couldn’t possibly be as good as a guy at this game."
When it happened, I think it was a good thing, and I really hated the negative response that came from it. Calling it a degrading peepshow is unfair because while I don’t think it’s sexist, it’s pretty insulting to those who took part.

Whether it happens again or not, personally, I don’t care. I’m happy entering the tournament with guys around me, even when some are assholes when they get beat by a girl.

Traps were allowed last time.

No it was dumb, watch a bunch of girls play in there own bracket just so they can feel special? Its retarted cause I can beat kayane but where’s my specials " phillipinos invitational " ?..

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The Women’s Invitational at Evo2k10 drew a lot of heat from players, because they were salty that they couldn’t participate in a much smaller tournament for a Golden TE.

What did Madcatz do for top 8 this year? That’s pretty cool.

Exactly this… kayane didn’t deserve shit imo she sucks they shoulda given her my dick in her mouth.

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