Would you quit SF3 (or SF altogether) if you were paid $10 trillion?

Diago has quit SF3, but he is still playing ST.
Kokujin said he was quitting, now he is back.

If you had to quit SF3 for some reason, would you be able to?

If for some reason SF3 stopped existing, what you do in your life? Would you have any other goal in life?

For $10 trillion, anyone would quit SF altogether … if you say no your just lying to yourself. Countries go to war over disputes worth far far less than that amount.

Someone please neg rep this mutherfucker some more. Please, for the love of god.



Yeah I agree with that.
But my point is, would you be ABLE TO QUITE SF3 AND NOT RETURN?
I think a lot of people has tried to ‘Quit SF3’ but later return, a bit like Kokujin.

I put that number 10 trillion to emphasis that.
If you take the 10 trillion, you can never ever dever never play any SF3 again. Most people would agree to do that, but they probably can’t keep the promise.



i havent even been on this site for long and this guys already annoying me

Someone delete this thread. This is the Strategy Board for 3S, not Lets Talk About Our Feelings Board for 3S. And even if it was, this thread is just so mind-bogglingly stupid that it needs to go.

wtf man the first 7 threads after the stickies are all made by the same person (i think)…are you kidding…where do these ppl come from??

Nica KO you are a Yang player right? Can you shed some insight on the topic about using kara on the mantis slash/ EX mantis slash in the Yang forums?

i would quit my anal virginity for 10 trillion dollars

Roshikari, BisonIV, Veelopower amongst many others.

People don’t normally talk to you do they?

I’d quit 3s and just play something else (Tekken, SFA2, VF) for a fraction of that.

if 3s would stop existing i wouldnt know what to do with my life, no more goals, become the first black emo