Would you play this fighting game

If it were real? Who would you main?


Something something disparaging comment about SFxT.

I had to ask to figure out that was Game of Thrones, I really need to get on that book. From what I’ve heard though, not the best premise for a fighting game. More like an RPG.

Just started reading the first book. It’s pretty good, but be forewarned you WILL have a problem keeping up with who’s who. There are SOO many names thrown out. There’s even a chart/list in the book along with page numbers to help you keep track of the players. This was true even for a couple of seasoned readers I know who read books like some folks play videogames.

WTF is this based on?

Shouldn’t be asking this in GD. People who don’t play fighting games certainly wouldn’t play this either.

This is such a terrible idea.


Stop trying to turn A Song if Ice and Fire into a terrible RPG which will never give the source justice and just go balls to the wall with something ridiculous like this.

The pics remind me of adventure quest. I could see this being a point and click browser based fighting game and nothing more.

Thinking of picking them up for when I start work again in the fall and have downtime there. Easier to carry a book than a laptop around lol.

Who are these people?

Maining Jon Snow.

Where is this from ?

Oh this is Game of Thrones…

Nope, will not play.

Only if there is a little elf girl character.

This thread is a terrible idea for 3 reasons. Allow me to expand!

  1. This is about fighting games so the forum that talks NOT of fighting games might not be the proper place
  2. It’s a thread about pictures so perhaps the Image Mish Mash?
  3. It’s about Game of Thrones where there is already a thread about GoT.

Any three of those options would’ve been more acceptable than making a new thread in GD.