Would you like an EX version of Charlie?

  • Original costume and no cyber implants
  • Original stand animation
  • Back to his basic moves from the Alpha series, no Genocyde Cutter for example
  • Different supers, including probably Sonic Break and/or Crossfire Blitz
  • Different voice acting and quotes, back to his more heroic persona
  • If there’s Guile on this, probably a different “V-Trigger mechanics”

Would you like an EX version of Charlie, regardless if Guile is in the game?

If there is no guile, that would be cool. If there is guile…no it is wasted resources.

No. Just include Guile.

Meh, it wouldn’t even be that hard to do. Just use some Guile’s animations and put Charlie skin over that…

i’m indifferent either way honestly. If there is a loud enough fan desire for it I’m sure Capcom will put him in the first update (if he’s not already planned DLC).

Regardless I think this Charlie is pretty neat and doesnt need a whole Ryu/E.Ryu comparative to really stand out just yet. But if Pre/Post mordem forms are both in, I wont complain.

No, fuck “alt version” of characters, specially in a small cast

Now that they’re so different i will not be against Guile being in, but hopefully not in starting cast

Depends , if Guile doesn’t make it into the game and “EX Charlie” is included in the later cast as DLC and stuffs
Then I am all up for it
But he shouldn’t take up a slot in the starting cast as that will be a slot wasted :confused:

I think its pretty likely that Charlie will have his original appearance from SFA games as a DLC outfit


Even this will be bullshit, why waste good DLC potential for something that can just be a standard color?

Just give us this as color #10


I did it in five minutes of photoshop, i doubt it will take them more

Neat, I hadn’t noticed that they did sort of a color swap on his bottom half to kind of emphasis his switch from good to bad.

Belt: from Black to Green
Pants from Green to Black
Boots from Black to Green.

Actually SFA original design/sprite got kinda light brown belt and green boots (only slighty darker than pants)

-warning: boring walltext about chara design-

Tbh i consider the current color scheme kinda weak

I ever try to understand the creative process behind something before judge it, and i see where they aimed with this… dude is basically Shadow Charlie 2.0, made in an age when you can’t just take a design and apply flat darker color over it and call it a day (see example how also E.Ryu got redesigned, instead look like color #10 basic Ryu)

Said that again, not much a fan of current color scheme, imho fail at stay loyal to SF aesthetic (wich usually includes a couple of lively dominant colors, and eventually black being a third support color) and have image reading problems as the dark grey skin don’t contrast enough with the rest of his dark outfit, creating confusion(specially in movement) about what the design is supposed to show

Yellow parts and green boots/pants move things a lil bit but end up as accessories more than anything, not enough to influence the design as a whole

If was the one to chose i will probably go for a mix of the two things: maybe keep the classic outfit as in my edit (opted for black belt/boots because fit more SF4/SFV aesthetic), but keep his new dark grey skin parts that are the coolest/most significative element of his new design, and will add a good movement as support color.
Grey is ever a pretty neutral addition and (classic) Charlie color scheme was simple enough to receive it without become too much

Imho it will already be a step in right direction, but not even that will be a solution, because it will kill the purpose of made him “Shadow Charlie”

For designer is kinda like a puzzle, original Charlie design is very hard to turn into something dark/menacing because it was the opposite,not for being a “good guy” (ironically the design jump between serious good and serious evil is often easy to do), but for the overall relax/light/loose touch of that chara design… do it playing only on colors (if we don’t count that skin thing) can be very hard.
Specially considering that his classic color scheme yellow/orange+bright green does all in his power to piss in face to a supposed dark/shadow character with dominant black

The key probably was keep him as character and straight redesign his costume… in fact one of the smartest things they did was redesign pants to go into boots (like Guile) instead the original lighter design with rolled pants and visible ankle
Subtle touch but definitely help

Fun read! I’m not much of an artist so I never really considered the color designs much. I mean I understand the importance of some basic stuff regarding showing information, direction of motion, and importance of the ability to keep things like special effects from obscuring action. However I’m not viewing those things from an artists point of view, rather a mechanical or designers point of view. It’s neat to hear things about like color design in how it pertains to characterization.

What do you think of the idea of giving charlie a shirt? I was never a fan of the bare chest with a vest on look for a character who is supposed to be a kind of clean cut military man. A white sleeveless undershirt tucked into his pants (like Guile’s green tank top) would have made sense to me, is it just for the color coherance or something? The new skin on his chest almost makes it look like he is wearing a nearly black shirt that cuts off at his belly when you look at the picture you used.

The problem with this, despite any sort of design/moveset change, is that people will still complain that a “clone” got in instead of their favorite character.

A white shirt will have added a color, one (as grey and black) that can easily mix with the existing ones

But the open jacket with bare chest was part of the chara design concept, in the same way of rolled pants and visible ankles, or glasses… is a strange mix of being a genius, being relaxed/informal as fuck, and being still an army guy (higher ranked than Guile, who even being “the student” ironically incarnate waaay more the army/veteran archetype)

Said that i liked a lot how “pro” he looked in Cannon Spike, with black shirt+black half gloves combo (of course, without rollers, imagine black boots)

It break the original chara design and kill good part of what make the concept interesting(it just look an “intelligent soldier”), but visually is surely cool and have a more impact/eye catchy color scheme, thanks to the black being very strong but at the same time not dominant


I like Charlie’s new look, i like the new color scheme for his Flak Jacket and his Cargo Pants

I actually think that getting a sleeveless undershirt would be cool too , would definitely suit him

Nao that I think of it , I hope Capcom releases his outfit from Canon Spike game as a DLC outfit

I didn’t think so until I saw this. If there are different color option I completely agree with the above changes. Other than that I don’t want any extra versions of existing characters.

I think there were some EX versions in Street Fighter Alpha 3, for example, even alternate costumes like Sodom and Chun-Li, and sometimes the X-ISMs were very different.

EX Charlie would be basically Guile’s gameplay with a different super and Charlie’s skin, as well as a couple different animations and new voice acting (which wouldn’t be that hard to do), more of an EX Guile than EX Charlie, probably… I don’t know, I mean, long time Charlie fans could be pleased that the classic version still exists… I would really like him to be available, but yes, as long as he doesn’t take the place of another character…

Every characters different isms had it’s own quirks, many of them specific to that character. Even little things like changing what type of alpha counter they had or which moves were special cancelable could change based on ism.

While you can’t please everyone, the fact is that any sort of EX char or new take on an existing character there is one legitimate point with the clone gripe. Take Decapre for instance, she has a lot of different moves and is a charge character instead of a motion character. However can you honestly claim that the difference between Decapre and Cammy is as large as say: Ryu and Dudley? Fei and Rufus? Rolento and Hugo? No you can’t. That is a IMO fair point in regards to a “clone” character or EX character. The effort and time invested into creating a clone could easily go instead towards creating a character who is even more significantly different from someone already in the cast in entirety.

“Clones” like Decapre, Evil Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Juli, Juni, Oni, ect should be kept to a minimum. If you ARE going to have a “clone” than take a book from Robo-ky and make them only superficially the same but damn near different in every possible way, including as few overlapping normals and specials as possible.

I’m personally not a fan of EX characters or clone characters. More so clone characters than EX characters because at least EX chars acknowlage their the same base character and usually are simply an old fan favorite version of a character brought back (EX Kyo/Iori) or simply a stupidly powered up version of a character with a bunch of restrictions on moves removed for crazy “omega mode” type fun. (EX chars in guilty gear / blaz blue). Though I’d personally prefer that the time taken for those chars go towards improving the existing cast.

I don’t even get the “clone” problem

This is SFV Charlie, the only version SFV seem to have
Somebody should photoshop a “deal with it” on that gif lol

There is not SFA Charlie, Shadow Charlie, Cannon Spike Charlie, Capcom All Stars (cancelled) Charlie, FrankenCharlie

There is only “Charlie”

When and IF they will waste time and $$$ doing NostalgicFanApproved-Charlie instead focus on do actual different characters, there will be a “clone” discussion

As now there is only the current version of the character and some fans whining about changes instead be happy that in some form the character returned after almost twenty years :smiley: