Would you do this?

Hey there guys.

So I’m here with a friend of mine and there’s these two girls we found just chillin, one is a black girl and the other one is a white girl. We end up taking them back to my friend’s house and we try to get at them. First they’re kinda “meh” about all of it, but then they start talking amongst themselves and then finally go "OK, we’ll do you guys…but you guys have to make out… and touch dicks."
At first I’m like “wtf, that’s it? Come on man, let’s do this!” and my friend was like “lol fuck yeah bro, trucker loads!” and we start taking our pants off, but then the girls start laughing and are like “are you guys serious?”

(at first I thought they were laughing about my wang size, apparently this wasn’t the case since I think I have a fairly large wang, but you never know with these black and white girls these days. 6 inches of hard Asian steel here)

Of course we’re like "what? It’s not like we’re not gonna get laid after doing this, so it’ll be totally worth it!"
The girls kinda just gave us a weird look and probably thought we were gay on the side and then were like “yeah, we kinda wanna go home…” and my friend and I are like “wtf, we’re ready to touch dicks for you guys, at least give us something!”

They were like “nooo” and complaining and shit, and we didn’t wanna get charged with rape or nothin’ so we decide to drive em home, or at least to the side of the street. On our way home, my friend and I are like "wtf man, those girls were gay."
I totally agree and I feel like we got cheated out of a good night!

I think those girls deserve to be put under a Dildotine (for those that don’t know, a Dildotine is like a guillotine but instead of a blade coming down, it’s a dildo pendulum that swings back and forth and hits you across the face with the dildo every time it swings back.)

Anyways, what would you guys have done in this situation?

Obviously they didn’t wanna get laid, so they came up with some gay request and you guys would back down.

I don’t understand why you guys picked up girls when you would have been fine making out with each other as your brother jacks off to porn in the living room. On your moms computer.

I would have told those bitches to find their own way home.

To answer the question, no where around your rapist ass. Your hands have a strange nack for finding themselves on penises that don’t belong to you.

I’m surprised you guys were so willing to go at it

this is my second magnetix thread and this guy is 2 for 2 on luls

I don’t know about you but I love having an excuse to make out and touch dicks

people will say “wtf that shit’s hella gay” but then you can retort “but we did it for pussy so it’s the complete opposite of gay” and things will be alright

1st this is a heavy voialtion of "Man Law"
2nd you should’ve got them drunk and then it would been them touchin
each other instead.

That plan works cause statistically most women are attracted to other women.

They just didn’t want to fuck and tried to get you two to give up. Being fine with making out with a dude and touching dicks is not common for heterosexuals.

No offense to op but I think I’d rather buy a hooker than hot dog bump with my buddy for a one nighter. But if you’re cool with it then you just keep on mashing mushrooms together.

I think it’s OK if it’s the right person to do stuff like this with.
Like before tournaments, my friend and I used to do “training” but it was like, instead of playing first to 10 or something, he’d practice a combo and I’d jerk off in front of the TV or wang slap the arcade stick while he’s playing. It’d be pretty funny but he ended up getting really good due to my training regimen. We also used to rub each other’s nipples during training sessions when neither of us wanted to hit our wangs on the arcade stick.

Really though, I wouldn’t have minded doing that stuff since, well, we were gonna get laid in the end, right!?

When I saw the name of the thread starter, I knew this would be about using dicks in a homosexual manner. Magnetix and dicks is like Beguiled and his shitty threads. It’s his trademark.

He’s trolling but lets act like he’s not:

They NEVER wanted to fuck you to begin with. Two girls trolled your ass because you were being thirsty for some pussy. THey got you and your friend to do somethign stupid assuming you would be all like “hell no” but you were so desperate for that weak puss that you agreed and made yourself look like a fague.

RULE #1 - never be thirsty over pussy. you can get it for free and just about anywhere.

RULE #2 - girls who are selfish with the pussy usually have bad pussy, how good are you with little experience?

the girls made a verbal contract and they must uphold to it

and lol @ u guys being prepared to make out and then touch dicks. u guys are gay. thats like paying someone to eat shit. you know they’re not going to eat the shit but if they do, you’re still not going to pay them. banging those two broads are the least of your concerns now. way homo

the only time two wangs are allowed to touch is when they are both pumping the same hole, and only then

what is this…


even i’m left speechless at this thread.
your trolling is at defcon 3 levels.
red lights flashing and a blaring siren is going off.

great troll thread though.

say that you’ll do it after you guys fuck the girls. C’mon, work smarter, not harder.

Not gay unless balls touch

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Everyone knows that it’s not gay to slob down a man to get to a woman. Happens all the time in my hood. :tdown:

But you would have been willing anyway, man… hardly a fair comparison.

Then again, you aren’t pathetic enough to acquiesce to such shit, either.

I think.