Would you build a custom controller for a disabled guy?

I haven’t found a better way to ask this.
I just wonder if this have been done before. That could be one more pretty cool part of being part of our FGC.
You know Broly, and I meat another guy that have to use a controller in a really bad position.
Props to these guys, any fine if they are ok with that. But if not so.

Would you people with gold fingers, give some days of work to assemble something that suits their handicap better ?
Something like bigger buttons or softer pads, or straight flat pad, adapt a small stick to a pad so they can handle it better… who knows.
For cheap or free of course.
Would you ? If yes, that’s a start.
I don’t what’s next. I had a feeling they wont ask themselves so I do it.

What position was the person you meat in?

“… In my world, everyone is a unicorn, and poops skittles and farts rainbows.”

Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to be generous when giving away things that belong to other people, especially when you don’t even know what you’re giving away?

Although I am rather cynical, the community at large is quite supportive of people who ask for help. The communication limitations of people who can’t ask for help represent some special additional challenges that people here may not be well-equipped to meet.

You could … do some basic research on the topic. Or, if you think people aren’t asking for help enough, maybe you could reach out and find people with specific needs. Or up your modding skills so that you can contribute directly. Or offer to subsidize charitable work by an established modder.

Ouch toucher ! I was trying to scam people, but here you are.
Shame on me. I should have known better of course.

Get out

I’m already far away.
Seriously what a joke.

how did you even meat anyway if said person is in such a bad position?

can’t imagine it been a very pleasent meating.

anyway , great thread ! 10/10 will read soon again.

I regularly pelt homeless people with hamburgers. They get a bit annoyed at first but then they are happy. I meat them and they eat. Everybody wins!