Would you all be interested in an arcade in Cupertino opening up?

Hey, everyone!! I’ve thought that an arcade in Cupertino would be an amazing thing for quite some time. There isn’t all that much to do here except hang out at people’s houses, one of the two bars around here, and Donut Wheel, lol. If there were to be an arcade, I believe that it would really hit the spot!! That is why I am SERIOUSLY considering opening one up. It would be something like $3/hr and $6/day and would have 21-23" HDTVs with XBOX 360s, a PS3, and all competitive fighters that are out. Once a week or so there would be a streamed tournament there.

Anyway, I can give more details on my plan if anyone is curious, but for now I am just letting out this poll to be able to show to anyone willing to invest that it would indeed do well.

Thanks, guys!! I’m interested to see what you guys respond with!!

EDIT: I have just made a Facebook group about it!! I believe this will help move things along quite a bit!! http://www.facebook.com/groups/257792427573245/

Sounds like a great idea. I don’t live too far away from Cupertino so me and my friends are down to come by often if you were to open it up.


If it’s gonna be an arcade, it would need to have more than just fighting games

I would totally come since I live right next to Cupertino, but as the above poster said, having more than just fighting games would ensure better success. but considering that you’re not planning to get genuine arcade cabinets, that you don’t have the budget to get genuine racing/rhythm/etc game cabinets. are you planning to actually rent a spot to do this in some commercial area, or talking about opening up something at home like KS2?

That’s would be a great idea to put in Cupertino. I live pretty close and I think finding a good spot there would do the trick.

Please do this would be awesome as I work in Cupertino. Better it open it tomorow. =)

I would come check it out. If I could have some regular sessions of Marvel 3 and people willing to give me pointers I would probably come in often.


For those who are concerned about non-fighting games: I would be more than happy to download an XBLA/PSN title for anyone who asks. I do already have some things on my XBOX HD that would be cool such as Metal Slug XX.

For location: I want this to be in the Cupertino Marketplace, right across from Vallco mall. I believe here would be an AMAZING location and is not too far from De Anza college

And rtdzign, I would always be there and always down for some MAHVEL!!! I can definitely give you pointers and I’m sure over time there will be people around to do the same.

I love your comment, The_Destroyer!! I would love for it to be opened today as well!!

Its awesome when a new arcade opens around the area but your saying X360 and PS3…not really an arcade but a hang out spot sorta like…

also getting a place to have this is not easy also, you need to pay rent and if you dont make enough to pay it off every month then how can you keep up? also you need to make sure the location is good, most likely it will rock if you near some sort of collage or mall.

now an arcade is a place where you have woody or candy cabs…you also got to have a selection of games like racing, puzzle, shumps, shooting, music, family (air hockey, foosball, etc) classic, and the best…fighting.

you can easily buy woody cabs at auctions or the internet, now if you really do open this place and want to buy woody cabs and need help getting some just ask me. I would always help someone out who wants to open a place for a community of players to come play and just hang out n talk…FUCK ONLINE GAMING!:smiley:


You guys don’t like sunnyvale golfland?

^^Nothing wrong with SVGL, it’s just that they aren’t really equipped for streaming/scene building. Additionally, they offer a complete different set of services. They have casual/ticket/fighting games that you pay for each play (unless you do like 8 dollars for all you can play for an hour [except Wed nights / Sat mornings where it’s unlimited). This arcade would have a bunch of setups that can play any fighting game (so if there’s a tournament there can be multiple games going) and will also have games of all consoles!! I haven’t announced this yet but I plan on having my NES/SNES/Genesis/N64/Dreamcast/PS2/Gamecube/Etc etc there too!! So you pay say, four dollars and you get to play all the games you want from my collection!! It should be a good way to please non fighting game fans.

But yeah, STREAMS would be where it’s at, and as of now GolfLand just doesn’t offer that. That’s really the most important thing

YO YO YO YO !!! I havent done much exploring in regional mm thread before but hey I saw this and thought WTF ., did this shit go cold?

Not only would I attend … I would put my own ass on-the-line for this shit just because I have some free time. I like playing AE , live in Sunnyvale. I like SVGL but seems too “click-ish” for this Gouken for the most part.

So basically… throw that investment capital and I 'll assist with at least a good 4-hour shift MWF evenings or similar part-time for “VIP status” , playtime , tourney entries etc.

Hopefully your scoping something close to Vallco, which misses “TILT” still to this day. Real estate is major cheap currently, leasing rather , why I suppose you could do a cool 6 month and pay for it with pure " big-ticket" weeklies , based on ur sq ft. I have a few marketing ideas as well which will pair nicely with the streaming options available.

Please dig this one back up…!@!!!