Would u guys recommend a Hori FS3?

I have a te stick already.
However, I was thinking of getting a Fs3 for regular use,
Playing mvc and street fighter.
I’m not going to be modding it.

Would u guys recommend it?

I don’t get it.
Why aren’t you putting your TE stick through regular use already?

I do use the te. However, friends come by and they jump on the te stic and
I’m forced to use the six axes.

Trying to avoid that. Lol - I’m sure u can understand

FS3 stick is fine.

FS3 is tiny and junk compared to a TE

I’m not comparing it to the te.
I’m comparing it to six-axes.

Is it worth it? Or just stuck to a pad When ppl are over

The regular wired FS3, or the newer wireless one? Are you getting a deal on it?

I’ve only tried the wireless one. Nothing bad or great about it. The stick is good but not great, and the buttons neither produced a click or felt responsive. Pretty standard Hori parts.

I had seen one used at 40$ in Toronto, which seemed like a deal for what it was.

Given the choice between it and a SFIV pad, I’d take the madcatz pad. I’d take the FS3 over a sixaxis.

Thanks calm.
It’s the wired one.
I found a new one for $70.
Alot cheaper than te prices, plus is impossible to find in Toronto now.
I dont want to pay 150+ for a used te.

What I’m worried about over the lower end Hori sticks are that they’re hard to fix if you have no soldering experience. I would just strongly recommend you force your buddies to chip in some cash and find a used Madcatz SE stick with Sanwa parts.

i thought you had another Te…anyways, you should buy this :slight_smile:

Amazon.com: Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX: Video Games

Thanks Chuu.
I play on ps3 and amazon.ca is expensive for the Hori sticks

Amazon.com: Playstation 3 Real Arcade Pro. 3 Fighting Stick: Video Games

Amazon.com ships sticks to canada for $25 or so

Honestly, I’d go get a MadCatz SE since you’re likely going to want to mod it sometime in the future. Also, I believe that the latest batch (the WWE ones) have the uprated parts from the TvC stick which put it on par or even slightly better than the FS3.

Hori FS3

Yeah… I wouldn’t touch that with a 10-foot pole.
I’d go with d3v’s options. Either find an SE for cheap, or wait for the “BROwl” stick as I like to call it :smiley:

intolaomair, if you buy an SE i’ll mod it for you cheap…lol…i did inventory today and i have 33 sanwa buttons of diffrent colours with no planned stick…lol

thanks so much for the help guys. I am liking the Hori Real Arcade pro 3 linked above.
does that come with stock Sanwa stick and buttons?

Chuu, i am looking on kijij for an se stick. i heard there were issues with the pcb on it?

Only the joystick itself is Sanwa, but that’s half the battle right there. Opening the case is a little tedious but the buttons pop right out. If you are feeling really kinky, you can swap out the start/select buttons with corresponding OBSF-28’s.

It does not come with a Sanwa stick or buttons, but you can mod the buttons without having to worry about the height clearance. However, the Jlf stick would not fit in there without doing a bunch of modifications.

With the “BROwl” stick, you only have to swap the spring in the stick to make it feel like a JLF, it even comes Omron microswitches similar to the ones Sanwa uses in the JLF out of the box.

So the HORI Real Arcade Pro. 3 Fighting Stick comes only with a sanwa stick. Modding the buttons should be easy as the panel looks like it can come off just like the TE.

but what about the Real Arcade Pro V3 SA

Amazon.com: Real Arcade Pro V3 SA: Video Games

its only $30 more.
man Hori has way to many fight sticks. its confusing. lol