Would the rj45 jack still function if I dual modded using a ps360+ and Hori FC4?

I’m planning on dual modding a stick using ps360+ and Hori FC4 with a dpdt switch. I’d like to know if I ended up wanting to use the RJ-45 jack on the ps360+ for the older consoles, would the buttons still be able to work?

Are you planning on using the usb out in addition to the rj45, or are you going to use the rj45 as the sole output? The latter works, don’t know if your can connect both simultaneously though.

I plan on using the usb out in addition to the rj45, but not at the same time. I’m asking this because I don’t know how I would use a dpdt switch if I was using a rj45 cable as I’ve only done it with a usb before.

A dpdt switch will work with rj45, you just need to know which lines are d+ and d-. Once you know, it’s just like hooking up a usb switch.

Is there a schematic anywhere for this? I’d like to use the dpdt switch with the rj45 jack from the ps360+ and the usb from the Hori FC4 with a dpdt switch, then have the line out be rj45. Is that bit possible?

Yes. Here’s how you would do it with a mc cthulhu using rj45, it’s the same principal.

If you didn’t catch that, pin 5 is D- and pin 6 is D+.

I have a HRAP dual-modded with PS360+ and Xbox One Mini pad and separately a VLX tri-modded with PS360+, Crossbone/Xbone, and GGXRD sanwa pad.

the usb cable is always connected and ready to use with ps4/xbox one in each of these setups. there is a separate RJ-45 neutrik jack for use with ps360+ for them as well.

we didn’t use any switch for this mod to choose between the PS360+ and current gen pcb since the ps360+ wasn’t using the permanent usb cable the other pcb’s used.

the pcb’s are connected to each other of course so that the buttons and inputs and power work for all pcb’s, but I just plug in the cable I want to use, no switch required. PS4 or xbox one, use the permanent usb cable; xbox 360 or retro consoles, I plug in the relevant RJ-45 converted cable into the neutrik RJ-45 port (while the permanent usb cable just dangles there uselessly).

if you are using the single usb cable/port for more than one pcb, then I believe you would need a switch. I think @PresidentCamacho was trying to determine if you planned to use the usb port on the PS360+ itself as well as its RJ-45. I don’t think you are based on your responses, but if so, THEN yes you would need a switch because we assume you are trying to use a single usb port/cable for multiple pcbs and thus need a way to choose amongst them.

Your last comment about using a RJ-45 port after the switch won’t be able to support your retro consoles since it will only have the 4 wires used for usb feeding the RJ-45 jack instead of all of them which are necessary for the non-usb retro consoles the ps360+ supports.

I scratched my head at this question at first too, which is part of the reason I found a local modder to actually do the work! I hope my response helped!

feel free to correct any of my misunderstandings or misconceptions!

thanks for this link! gonna have to spend sometime digesting it all… using a rj-45 for all the possible connections would definitely be cleaner!

EDIT - Great link, wish I had read that a few months (or 5 years) ago! so many ways to skin these cats!

Either I’m misunderstanding you here or you’re confused on this part. Ground and VCC can be spliced together or bridged between the pcbs elsewhere, and those are both pins on RJ45 output.

Thanks for the help. I figured out how I’m going to do it now