Would SFV be better to play on PS4 or PC and why

I wasn’t quite sure which section to bring this thread to since it has to do with Street Fighter as well as tech, so I just brought it here.

Something I’ve been wanting to discuss with people is the issue regarding PS3 fightsticks not being compatible with the SFV beta. When the game officially releases, PS3 fightsticks may or may not be compatible with the game, so everyone is still waiting for more info on that. The thing is, I might be getting a PS4 in the next few days, and I would pre-order SFV for beta access. However, I don’t have a fightstick for a PS4, nor do I see myself being able to buy one for a very long time. So if I obtained beta access for PS4, I would have to use a regular controller, and if PS3 fightsticks aren’t compatible for the final release, I’d be screwed. However, I do have a PC that can handle gaming very well, so if I bought SFV on the PC instead I’d be able to use my current fightstick for it since it’s compatible with PS3/PC/Xbox 360. I’d like everyone to discuss what someone like me should do in this situation, and whether it would be better to play SFV on the PS4 or PC.

Ah, another thing to note is the community on each platform. PS4 will undoubtedly have many more players than on PC, but perhaps that won’t matter too much since cross-play is now a thing for this franchise. I’m just wondering how different the PC experience would be vs the PS4 experience.

And I also just realized if I ever go to a local or tournament, I’d need a PS4 compatible fightstick. Fml.

The difference between the PS4 experience and the PC experience will depend on the how powerful your PC is…as PC specs can vary for different players.

IMO it’s too early to decide which platform is ultimately better…also the decision should be up to you.

Reading you post…it seems you answered your own question.

By the way…there is a SFV section:


I don’t mean experience as in specs or how well a PC will handle the game. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I mean, the PS4 version will be on Playstation Network while the PC won’t be, so there’d have to be some sort of differences. I know it’s too early to give a definitive answer, but I wanted people to theorize and give answers based on their knowledge from SFIV, since that has a version for both PS3, PS4, 360 and PC.

Then it’s way too early IMO to explain that.

Also…why try and base it on experiences from SF4?

They are way too different.

Cross play basically means that there can’t be any gameplay differences between both PC and PS4 versions of the game.

Also, it’s highly likely that the PS4 version will support PS3 sticks.

Even knowledge of the different versions of SFIV won’t help as that game utilizes different software and and circumstances in their development. SFIV used an in-house engine while SFV is developed using Unreal 4. PC port of SFIV was outsource while PC port of SFV being handled internally by Capcom. SFIV launched with GFWL and later switched to Streamworks and SFV will likely have it out the gate.

I just bit the bullet and got a next gen dual mod. My stick now works on PS3/4/Xbone/PC. Most last gen stuff is played on PS3/4 at tourneys now any way.

My PC is a 4Ghz AMD with 960 GTX card and have a PS4 so I’m good even if my brother borrows the PS4 for a day or something.

Well, right off the bat, PC has a huge advantage. Every single controller with a USB plug is compatible with it. 360 controller, PS3 controller, PS3/360 arcade sticks, etc.

Other than that it’s just a matter of convenience. If you do most of your gaming on a PC it’d be more convenient to get it on a PC. Both versions should run equally well.

Honestly I would take PS+ into consideration too. If there aren’t many online games you play on the PS4, maybe it’s better to just get it on PC where it should be free.

Pc guy, but ps4 is good enough if gaming is the primary task you want done.

That’s true. Paying for Xbox Live alone wasn’t too bad, but paying for both PSN+ and Xbox Live is going to be a bitch. Luckily the beta doesn’t require PSN+ and Im still contemplating whether or not to get another Xbone or wait for PC KI.

Personally I would go PS4 because of my OCD with stuff like USB polling rate, screen tearing with vsync off, or use vsync with settings like pre-rendered frames to match the PS4 versions lag… Steam acting weird sometimes, help me… :o

Why not both? Im getting it on both platforms. Personally I need a portable version so the PS4 version is a no brainer.

I’m probably going to snag PC version eventually…although I do take my PS4 on the road with me when I go home to VA. So maybe it’s a moot point.

Anyone here pre-ordered the Collectors Edition? I did!

I wish tournaments in SFV would be played on PC.
Everyone and their mums could enter then, since you can use every controller on that thing.

Not gonna happen with this being a Sony joint venture.

I also hope a lot of the graphics related stuff that like V-Sync and other stuff is fixed in the PC version unless you dick around with the .ini so people have the same experience across the board.
Kinda related to that is that I hope you can’t easily bypass the FPS check in SFV like you could in SFIV.
I’m sick of laggy Russians.

I’m undecided with the collector’s. I got the collectors of Vanilla SFIV mainly for the Ties That Bind animated feature. All I want from SFV’s collector’s is the artbook and the comics. I don’t think the price is worth me getting those.

PC because I don’t have to unplug and move my stick/chair around.


Edit: I don’t think there’s very much chance they’ll intentionally exclude the available software that enables PS3 sticks on PS4. This game is attempting to present a consumer-friendly face.

If they add instant pad recognition like in MK9-10, things will look less bleak