Would like a cool avatar please

Hey I’ve never requested an avatar before but I’ll give it a try now. I’m looking for something really cool. I main Guy and ryu so if you have an idea to incorporate both characters in the avatar that’s cool, if not then just use Guy and come up with something awesome there. I would also like if you can put ALBOFIGHTER in nice text.

Here are some photos that may inspire you http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa235/WesTnine9/MADma3str02.png

The first two might work well together. Would like to see what Shoryuken artist are capable of.


ie. First person to post an avatar implying that guy is having anal sex with Ryu gets a cookie.

lol how about people keep their gay fantasies to themselves…

Mad respect streak, as if helping out with the guy community isn’t enough haha. Anyways, it’s great, I appreciate it. I’ll put it on as soon as I get home (on my phone now).

Thanks again