Would it be possible to make a keyboard for the ps2?

To make a keyboard for the ps2? Now before you go off thinking “just use a USB one”, I want the keyboard so I can use it for playing the various fighters on the system. I realize that every key on the keyboard can’t be used, but I really only want like a section or two to be usable(mainly the arrow keys, ASDFZXCV, home, and end). Just want to know if it’s possible and how hard it’d be to do something like this. If the keyboard cannot remain in it’s original casing, then that’d be fine as I just really want the keys.

Thanks to whoever responds.

Yes its possible, It would need alot of modification, because the keys are set up differently then a controller. I got a good idea on how to do it, actually. However I am a little busy with a stick, we can talk about it towards the end of the month, if you want a custom made one.

why would you want to play fighters with a keyboard:rolleyes::confused:
fighters were meant for sticks or if you dont have one controllers, but keyboards:looney:

Yes, it’s possible. Yes, its very difficult.
However, trying to make an PS/2 keyboard to PS2 gamepad converter would probably be doable with a little microcontroller coding.

Yeah I’m hoping to do this eventually. The other option, one I already worked on a bit, was to find a very old keyboard where there is a PCB the size of the keyboard so you can easily solder on directly to the switch for each button. I actually got this working wiring it up to an encoder but then the encoder burnt out. I still have the keyboard with the wires running to the leads to each switch, when I get time I’ll be wiring it to a DS1 PCB.

Keyboards can actually be amazing for fighting games. It’s my weapon of choice.

Hopefully I’ll have a couple of keyboards for PS2 ready by the next NEC :wink:

yeah it’s possible…

Hal, go home.
LEARN TO PLAY FIGHTERS ON A STICK LIEK A MAHN, wait what am I saying… nevermind.

One option thats simpler than the keyboard mod but not quite the same thing would be to make a custom arcade pad with all buttons. Then just set it up in the pattern that you feel comfortable with. Like set up the directions in the same order as on a keyboard and put them on the right hand side of the stick and all. You could even use sanwa 24mm buttons to get closer to the small size of keyboard keys.

here’s what i meant when i said it’s possible:

new trend at evo 2k9?!!?

i used my keyboard at evo world last year… people thought it was interesting but i didn’t find anyone who actually said that they’d want to use one, hehe.


howd u do that? can you make me one?

Mizuki go home. :arazz:

Wuziq, even though your setup replicates the keyboard controls, I’m sure that it won’t feel the same when you actually play with them. Plus I’ve already got my favorite keyboard lined up and ready. >_>

So from what I’m hearing, it seems like the task is very difficult and most likely expensive on my end. <_<

Holy crap that is awesome. haha. Custom keyboards. We gotta move on to this!

It is like the “keytar” of joysticks.

wuziq is pretty good with that keyboard, believe it or not. haha

Your realistically looking at 200 something for a real good one :sweat:.

i’m not sure what you mean, cuz i created my keyboard the way i wanted it…

Dude, he is using a keyboard, end of story… basically what he has is what you want, you just want to use the inside of the keyboard rather than a wood box, and you want the 100 other keys still sitting there uselessly. I can’t image why anyone would want to do this… I think the suggestion of 24mm sanwas makes more sense, because it would be easier to press. The point is, you could make one, even using the keyboard you have, it wouldn’t be that hard, really, if you wire the buttons from a ds1 PCB to the connections under each key. You would just have to know some stuff about circuit boards and soldering, or have somebody do it for you. What I would like to know is how you will do anything on it? I would like to see one of you do a 720 or something like geese’s raising storm on one of these.

keyboards aren’t TOO bad to play on, but any motions involving HCB or HCF are difficult to do. now, regarding HCBx2, 360s, and 720s, that’s a whole different story.

sticks, ftw.