Would it be possible to have Team Ibuki XBL?

I’ve been wondering for a while now, why isn’t there one of these on XBL? I always see the PSN one, but PSN has shitty connection most of the time. It’d be a great way for XBL Ibukis to meet other Ibuki players too. If this has already been established, please let me know!

Also, I can host the endless battle room if there isn’t one already.

Because Party Chat requires a microphone, and its limited to up to 8 people. Set up a Ventrillo or Skype Group Call/Text thingy.

Because nobody wants to lead the XBL team. Heck, I don’t think we even have anyone for the PSN team, or any team for that matter.

After playing AE PC, both XBL and PSN have shitty connections. And after playing offline, anything online is a shitty connection.

If you want to lead the XBL team, go ahead. Though I think we should just combine threads (probably get an admin) into one for Team Ibuki XBL/PSN/PC.

Last thing is that I don’t think there are many Ibukis on SRK. I keep saying that I’m always available for a game, XBL or PC, but I never get any messages or invites.

EDIT: I know nothing about setting up an IRC lol. What’s Linux?


It’d be nice if we had streams for all three and a huge IRC/Ventrilo/Teamspeak server for each stream.


  1. Why do you need streams for all three? There is barely even a Team Ibuki, never mind separate divisions of it.

  2. No need for a full IRC server when all you need is a channel, which I’m sure you can create for free.

  3. Ventrilo and TS (and maybe Mumble) are great ideas. The problem is paying for the server and implementing it, or finding people to use it. If you can find free such server applications, then maybe I can host it on my server. It’s not exactly hooked up to a backbone but it’s not residential tier either. Actually after a quick Google search, it turns out that Mumble’s server application is called Murmur, and is free to use.
    3.1. So by implementing this, I mean getting people to use it. Team Sakura has an IRC channel and it’s basically dead 24/7, with only Fergus and maybe Skatan ever in there. Team Juri has a thing going by simply meeting up on a given day and playing; they seem to use Steam groups for PC and old fashioned PSN chat. If you try to use any of the latest stuff like Vent/TS/Mumble, keep in mind that it’s for PC only, and will probably be only useful to PC players, unless XBL/PSN players also happen to be near a computer while playing.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’d say the first goal would be to round up as many Ibukis as we can and try to interest them in getting together and playing.

Is there really that much interest in Ibuki mirrors??

Ibuki vs. Ryu (Mingo), Makoto (Izuna), Niko (Honda)?

I can play most of the cast. I’m with Niko; I think mirror matches are dumb.

Well, playing mirrors isn’t all we would be doing, is it? We could help each other with MU’s we struggle with as Ibuki.

I could always play Balrog lol. I dunno what type of rog I am, but I definitely don’t just sit and charge all day. Safe jumping and jumping in ftw.


Well I could use Cammy, Honda, Mak, Blanka, Ryu, Ken, and Rufus. But I only play Ibuki against certain people now.

Would you consider playing tournaments with all of those characters? ie: tourney level.

I already used half of them in tournaments

Wth there’s a “jumping-in” rog?

I play Ibuki loads and i would be up for doing that, Gamertag is: John Rhoads if you get it started.

Woo hoo I just performed a Perfect round doing all three of Ibuki’s sexy set-ups:
Tsumuji Loop? (Check)
st.HK xx High Jump xx cr.HP? (Check)
Kazegiri xx Super (Check)

I uh… Will treasure that round for eternity. Sucks to be the player who was on the other side though.

Why do Kaze xx SC? Aren’t you just losing damage? For super setups I usually SJC from a normal like MK, or C.HP for punishing.

  1. Off a regular normal or target combo, you don’t get a knockdown. With kazegiri, you do.
  2. You actually get more damage, since kazegiri nets you some pretty good extra damage.
  3. SJC Super is like SJC U2 though, in that you do all this SJC work for only a little bit more damage than if you simply did something like end with neckbreaker knockdown, then kunai vortex into blockstring. And the difference in damage is even less than if you ended that blockstring into super for more chip.

edit: btw kazegiri xx super is an untechable knockdown as well, which allows for vortex setups that a regular techable kazegiri doesn’t.