Would it be possible for someone to teach me this character for a possible payment(s)

I have decided that i am going to main Akuma, however, i’ve got no idea as to what to do, i learn better from someone talking to me, and teaching me on spot, rather than watching a video. And because of this (You guessed it) i would like to have a trainer. I will pay this person accordingly, however, i want very serious training sessions, for i am looking to play at Tournament level. My Gamertag on Xbox is ZJ5Basketball, and thank you for reading.

CCGAir gives out lesson’s and says he knows most of the cast so can probably teach you some stuff and he knows some of the top players in the world so would probably know an Akuma that can teach you…

I can teach you for free, i already give free sf4 lessons every Friday. I happen to main Akuma so as long as you get good enough to match me at some point, it’s all i need.

Though you’ll have to get the game either on Ps3 or PC.

That’s funny, I try to level up my scene and teach dudes every friday as well. And I only play on ps3 and PC. Obviously my main is akuma. We are like twins :D. creeper status

I might have to get involved with one of you two once I get my fight stick at xmas.

I’ve always prefered playing Akuma, but want to step up my game, so want to learn properly. And luckily I have the game on both PS3 and PC!

I’d like to be taught my ps3 gamer tag is vexed22. I have so much knowledge, but I’m way to defensive and idk how to get out of block strings. I can vortex well, but I drop links sometimes. I can get the hit, but when I do I don’t convert into max dmg or hard knockdown

I have trouble with chars jumping in on me all the time. I try to stand fierce or down fierce but get owned by timing

This is actually easy. For block strings Akuma has a couple options. This best one is after the first blocked attack, Kara back dash with akuma’s focus attack, then kick teleport or do a jump back fireball low to the ground to cover your grey health loss (if necessary. Or just simply back-dash after the string so no follow up pressure is received) . You can challenge a block string with Akuma’s 3f jab or goshoryuken [DP] (if you have meter, not suggested) However you can get a combo if successful. When all else fails mash on teleport.

For the anti-air portion you want to DP or just not be in area of the jump in. A trick to getting the anti-air shoryuken is to be buffering DP constantly after a fireball or while in your neutral stance without being two obvious. While you throw a fireball, it’s best to buffer shoryuken and if your opponent jumps just complete the motion. If you threw a fireball from a bad spot you are going to get hit anyway so it’s best just to try to DP if you can.

Also if an opponent tries to Jump over an air-fireball Akuma more than likely recovers in time for a shoryuken. So buffer your DP even after an air fireball. If you opponent jumps over just hit MP SRK and you will cleanly anti-air unless its sakura’s jump fierce.

The rest of the max damage stuff just takes practice with combos and getting comfortable with the character

People use “block string” word for everything those days.
By definition, there’s not way out of a block string.
And I would put extreme caution on “how to go away when pressured by frame traps”. You may escape once with your shiny godlike idea with focus something… but the next time you’ll regret it.
While you can learn to block and tech the right way (there’s several ways yes), and learn to do it at the same time you download your opponent to make your answers more accurate game after game.

But if you play a low level and just want to beat those guyz around. Don’t listen to me. I didn’t even thought of developing my game this way until couple months. And now I have to un-learn all that shit.

I see. I’m trying to learn option selects now…Ugh. I’ve owned the game for 2 weeks and I am trying to learn to fast. But I’m a perfectionist

Nvm, I have been doing option selects without knowing what they are lol

I suggest staying away from advanced techniques like option selects at the start. Reason being is while they help, those techniques usually work on on advance players. You are not going to be worrying about much xbox live/psn players backdashing on their wake up constantly. So while they do help do let that be your main focus.

Let your main focus be spacing as Akuma is very spacing dependent.
Here are 4 tips that will help.

  • Learn when to throw out sweeps and when to throw out low forward buffered into a special move to punish focus attacks.
  • Get used to anti-airing after air fireball - You have more than enough time to anti-air after and you shouldn’t let people get pressure from your zoning. Every block is a mix-up opportunity!
  • Be very careful with St.Hk. - Great move. Easy to punish. Never make that 2nd hit whiff, try not to use it at max range unless you know the 2nd hit. Watch for neutral jumps as they can punish St.Hk. (walk forward, St.HP punishes that bait.)

Learn your safe jumps and setups for the cast - Longest and slowest process but it is necessary in this day in age. It still will viable in ultra even with Delay wakeup.

When in doubt, jump back fireball and walk up > sweep > vortex > win. Trololol.

I would greatly appreciate it if you guys wouldn’t mind helping me too. I’m an average (but dedicated) Akuma player and I feel a little lost at times. I don’t even have a proper sparring partner and learning my character (+ gaining matchup exp.) is very difficult. I’m a very fast learner, I play every day and my internet connection is very strong. I play on PS3 so I should be completely set. Would you guys be able to help me out?

I can help you out. Though my internet connection is a bit rocky at times T-T. but there is online training mode so its not too big of a deal. My PSN is now FT_TheDamDocta. I have 0pp and 0bp because I troll people in endless now. Lol, anyway just private message in my inbox so we can exchange contact information.

This is cool.

What about us Xbox 360 folk who need help???