Would Guile "spoil" a new-ish player?

So I’ve been trying to find a solid main after a stint with Cody, hopping from character to character for weeks now. But after a bit in the lab with Guile I find myself really clicking, which is funny because when I first picked up SF I couldn’t play charge chars worth a damn.

My question is, seeing as how Guile is high-tier, to the point that there is a “band-wagon” surrounding him, am I spoiling myself as a player by starting out playing Guile? I.e. Will I develop bad habits, not learn how to “really” play the game due to unfair advantage, or otherwise inhibit my long-term progression?

First, there is no such thing as unfair advantage. Everyone can pickup Guile or one of his bad matchups.

Then, no, really no. Guile has a very specific gameplay, and some difficult matchups like everyone, just a little less (well played vortex chars will make you cry).
With him, you will learn solid zoning, poking and normals usage. Execution is not among the most difficult, but who cares ?

You’re def. going to learn the basics and fundementals with Guile, so go for it. He doesn’t have a whole lot of silly stuff, it’s all about spacing, zoning and knowing what button works best in which situation. So he’s going to improve your overall game too.

SSF4 is a very balanced game with only a few sub-par characters ; the power difference between the best character and say, the 20th character is small enough not to compensate any skill gap.
Guile is a character who requires good reactions, good fundamentals (like advanced normal moves knowledge) and a lot of composure, so you’ll learn a lot from him. Besides, with his lack of moves like shoryu to ultra or Honda’s EX Headbutt the US officer can’t win out of luck.

He’s a very turtly character though, get prepared to receive tons of hatemail from scrubby players.