Would ebay be a good place to sell my fight stick?

I have a ps3 fight stick modded with 1 seimitsu joystick and 6 sanwa buttons. Since I don’t have a ps3 anymore I’m looking to get rid of it. Any Ideas? Preferably ones that will help me profit a little.

Try Trade Outlet. People are always looking for a deal there.

What is it? If it’s a TE then I’m interested

He needs at least 50 posts before he post anything there.

You have to be here for 6 months and have 50+ posts to sell in the trading outlet, but if I were you, I would try Craigslist first. You really can’t beat straight-up cash & not having to package/ship. Try posting it in the videogames section with actual pics of the stick & give as many details about it as possible, including modifications & if it will come with retail box. You can also throw in an extra like the original vanilla SF4 if you have it just sitting there anyway because you bought SSF4. If you don’t get any response in a few days, move the post to the electronics section. I only sell things on ebay that I absolutely have to, after I have tried everything else, due to the paypal & ebay fees, not to mention the shipping cost. If you have a local FG scene, try there too. Good luck! :tup:

I not going to talk you in or out of selling on eBay, eBay as its pros and cons just like any other method of sale.

If you are going to sell on eBay, the most important thing is research/homework (both terms are used to mean the same thing).
Research what ever you are going to buy or sell, find what is the average price of the item ON EBAY (Not retail). You also want to factor in condition of your stick, the retail box if you have it and anything else your tossing in (like a game).

You can go** Buy-Now** or for an actual auction. If you do auction you always what to go lower than actual price to fuel interest.

I am sure their is more “tricks-of the-trade” to selling on eBay, but most people consider them “their trade secrets”.

Remember if your dealing with eBay, HOMEWORK first!

I have been trying to sell mine also for 30 cheaper try craiglist also thing is hard to sell -.- the mvc3 edition one to dumb game was such a dissapointment.

i had a hell of a time finding a TE on craigslist. i’m surprised that you’re having trouble selling it. I even posted Want to buy ads on craigslist and kijiji and i got one response. A guy trying to sell me an SE telling that he installed an octagate into it and that it was now better than a TE…sigh.

Blah your lucky im selling mine $40 cheaper even.

i don’t know what you paid for it. But on trading outlet most older TE go for around $100 plus shipping. i haven’t seen a MVC3 stick on trading outlet. And I don’t know how much they are in the store.