World's Tallest Buildings -2009


Amazing soundtrack to this video I must say.

Btw…the Russia Tower is canceled and the Chicago Spire is on hold. Oh and the Sears Tower has been renamed the Willis Tower. :wtf:

wow China’s kickin but with the tall building competition. A lot of these buildings seem too excessive for their own good. But then again they are really cool.

Didn’t realize China had so many skyscrapers! Here’s a night pic I took of the Jin Mao Tower from the top of Shanghai World Financial Center. You can also see the Oriental Pear Tower in the back.

PS. Looks like I’m going to have to go back in 2014 and take a pic of the Jin Mao Tower and SWFC from the Shanghai Tower :wgrin:

^ That pic is amazing. It’s awesome to think that Jin Mao is over 1,400 feet tall and you are looking down to see the top of it.

I wish I had the resource to travel the world and see these places in person. Boo FUCK recession! :sad:

Here is a picture of what many are calling ‘The Gate of Hong Kong.’ 2IFC on the left and the ICC on the right.

I must go.

^ strange thought came to my head: someone could photoshop that pic into a fake poster for LotR: the Two Towers

the twin towers lol

Photo (and video) update.

Shanghai Tower


Burj Dubai


Abraj Al-Bait (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)


Shard of Glass (London)


Chicago Spire (On Hold)


Shanghai World Financial Center


1 World Trade Center is slowly but surely starting to rise.

excellent pictures guys.

I actually went to Spaceneedle the other day pretty tall building

Tour Verre (NYC). Can you believe people IN NEW YORK FUCKING CITY are complaining that this building is too tall? It’s 1,250 feet tall. Empire State Building is about 100 feet taller.


In my opinion, if there was ever a building that need to be built, it’s this one.

omg how impressive

:lol: Washington! WE DA BEST!

Downtown Burj Dubai

Federation Tower (Moscow)

And a 2 year time lapse vid: [media=youtube]8MrCw3H6ZEU[/media]

Burj Dubai off in the distance (seen from the Dubai Marina).

Ride the Dubai Metro.


I have a degree in Architecture, these photos bring back some stressful memories lol