World Warrior: The official SRK travelling/tourism thread

Soo I noticed there was no travel thread on this website. Which is surprising considering FG players are niggas who travel a lot.

Basically, this will be a thread for inquiries and info about travelling and tourism, FG related or not. Post about places you’ve visited, the existence(or lack of) of scenes in places you’ve traveled to, cool tourist spots, etc etc and answer inquiries if you got info on the location being asked about.

Was thinking about going to Australia this december. Thing is, i’m going with a friend who’s not at all into FGs, so while I would like to meet up with the scene, emphasis is still on the travelling aspect.
If anyone’s been on vacation there, please tell me how you liked it.

Important factors for me:

Food: good and affordable?
Transportation: ease and price
Lodging: cheap, comfy places?
Activities: what’s there to do?

i made a thread called, has anyone done any solo travelling before but not a lot of people responded.

just got back from mongolia that shit was awesome

God Damn Mongo-rians!

You break down my shitty wall for rast time!

as the southpark episode astutely pointed out, not only did the mongolians pwn china, they pwned the rest of the world too carving out an impressive empire that reached all the way down to iraq. despite having a small population (today there are only 3 million mongolians total), they were able to conquer everyone else by fully utilizing their horsemanship and archery to its fullest extent, fully leveraging their superior range and mobility. the mongol hordes used hit and run tactics, commonly feigned retreats, and even used smoke screens to cover their movement and smoke signals. chingghis khan is probably the greatest general who ever lived. i’m probably also descended from him too, because he sexed a lot of girls in china.

the mongolians also ushered in an era of peace after their conquest. granted, chingghis tiger-genocided his enemies, but that was standard fare back in the day. what was revolutionary was that he gave cities the CHOICE to join him, or perish by the sword. not only that he pioneered ideas like diplomatic immunity and don’t shoot the messenger. he believed in religious tolerance, so let his subjects practice whatever religion, a good thing too, since his kingdom included the three desert dogma retard religions of islam, judaism, and christianity.

so naturally, having such a huge hard on for the mongolians, i wanted to visit the land that gave birth to the greatest warriors of all time. i was not disappointed. i rode a camel in the eastern gobi. then i rode a horse across vast majest mountain valley, going past goats, horses, sheep, and other animals, including a wild dog that chased my guide and i for a while. i wandered the steppes alone too, and came across a pile of cow bones and a pack of wild dogs. luckily i didn’t get rabies. i mostly played it safe and hired a tour guide. very sweet girl who taught all sorts of games invovling throwing sheep ankle bones.

apparently though there are some people who travel to mongolia and go it alone, buy a horse, and ride off into the wilderness. those people are ballers. mongolia only has a population of 3 million people, and about half of them live in the capital city of ulaanbataar. that means the rest of the country is literally wildneress. there are no roads, except some dirt paths riddled with potholes. there is no cell phone reception. there is no electricity, except for the solar powered gers that dot the landscape. no one speaks english. basically, white people who ride horses off into the wilderness are insane, because any injury is basically life ending, with no way of finding help. someday would definitely like to join a white person expedition and do just that though. for now i’m gonna take more horse back riding lessons. mongolians can go bare back, but i was holding on to my saddle for dear life when my horse started galloping.