World War 3: Its about to go DOWN!

What would your teams be for WW3?

Allies a.k.a Trump Nation:

U.S, U.K, Japan, South Korea,

Axis a.k.a Third Time’s the Charm:

Russia, China, North Korea, Germany

Wild Cards: France, Greece & Italy

Battleground: The Middle East


Because fuck the Arabs, right?


that Axis team would win easily, wtf

Yeah, seriously. Though it’d be stupid for China to declare war on America. We owe them SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much money.


Speaking of WW3 and Weeaboos…

I found my old sig quote.

God bless phrostbyte, for this choice bit:

“I’m generally a calm, logical individual. I’m tolerant of the beliefs and values of others. I’m not a bigot, not a racist… but I fucking hate weeaboos. If I woke up tomorrow and the New York Times headline was “Weeaboo Genocide upon us”, I would be ecstatic.”

~SRK phrostbyte

WW3 favourite? Israel no doubt. With my puppet states USA and Western Europe all I have to do is hold off Russia long enough for me to take over the ME then call checkmate as I have most of the petroleum supplies under wraps. Cant run tanks with natural gas yo.

Logical choice, Russia with lil red dragon cousin China on my back, too much muscle n manpower for anybody to fuck with, China can play its N.Korea trap card to tie up the US while everybody else gets toasted.

Probably gonna happen choice, Iran. Throw some rocks at an US airbase to coax them into invading, then call holy jihad and have the most dastardly of brothers rise up in every nation. Game over bitches.


A lot of the countries in the UK dont like muslim countries or China or Russia, or even north korea, most likely they would ask America to help. Also why would Germany join China and Russia?

Team America, duh

We have a slave state to the south and all we have to do is promise citizenship
UK is on team america with france following
Germany knows what it means to stand to american might
Korea and Japan can hold the Chinese long enough and japan can go nuclear at any time

Russia and China could hack us, but we can nuke china and tell russia to play nice or well fund the chechians and georgians to fight and rebel

Team axis only hope is that the Jews decide to choose the them as the winners

This is awful. Should I join?

They’ve taking two L’s so far in the last two World Wars, I don’t think they wanna lose a third one.

Yes my nigga.

Im pretty sure Germany would never side with Russia or China

Why do we need another World War when the entire world is already engulfed with proxy-wars?

Because it’s something that can be shown without question, as opposed to be being brushed off as conspiracy(proxy wars).

Swedish neutrality let’s go!

Sweden already declared jihad on all that’s haram.

Milk first, then cereal? HARAM.

Dipping your pizza into ranch sauce? HARAM.

I spread the ranch on my pizza. Fuck dipping.

It goes great with cold Pizza in the morning before work.

Russia, China, and United States versus the world? We’d be sick allies.

This shit is why I never understood why in movies and tv shows, bad guys kill people who owe them money. How you gonna get your money if they’re DEAD? You can have so much leverage over them in the meantime.

im ded

China doesnt want to go to war with America also, since we buy all their shit, and give them a ton of food.