World Record in the original Street Fighter offically set at 100 points

So, a guy by the name of Jesse L. King noticed that Twin Galaxies did not have a high score listed for the original 1987 Street Fighter. That is, there was no confirmed score that was set using the actual original arcade hardware (emulated versions, on the other hand…). So he found a machine, set up a camera, landed exactly one punch for 100 points, stopped filming and submitted the tape.

So now the highest confirmed score on the original arcade Street Fighter is officially 100 points.

And in case you’re wondering, the record set using MAME is 734,300.

So, if you know the location of an actual Street Fighter cab, an opportunity awaits.

Why would you want a SF1 cab?

The original Street Fighter *is *2, what are you guys talking about?


Triforce Game Master will soon be the world’s #1 Street Fighter player

I don’t know what’s worse, the lack of trying at all on someone’s record attempt or thinking that there’s an achievement to be had in thinking it means anything.